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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2015!


 There we are...2014 is now over and let's continue this adventure in 2015. 

Nitrado wishes you to have a great year, abundant success and joy in your life. 

We are so thankful to all of you for your loyalty and trust in our company.  We are looking forward to keeping you all happy and well served without never breaking our commitment to provide great quality products/services and always put you in our top priority. 

You will be hearing from us from time to time to share some insights from our upcoming projects! 


Happy New Year 

Nitrado's Team


Nitrado launching in the U.S.

Nitrado US Launch

We have been providing high quality game servers for quite a few years and currently the leading game server provider in Germany and one of the leading hosters in Europe. We have been providing our hosting services in Europe since 2003 and have been trying to stay ahead of the market through the implementation of unique and innovative systems to better benefit our customers, such as being the first provider to provide a unique pre-paid system for server owners.

Customers from Europe and South America love the service that we provide to them, this has allowed us to grow and expand and is a main factor in our success. We have several hosting locations that include Frankfurt, Istanbul and Buenos Aires. Due to the huge demand seen for our services, we decided to provide servers in two brand new locations. Piscataway (NJ) and Los Angeles (CA).

Due to the size of the United States, we wanted to provide one server location that was located on the east coast and another server location that was on the west coast, to help insure high quality servers with extremely low latencies across the US.

Our hosting service has over 100 games in our game cloud system for you to use on your personal game server, we also provide Teamspeak 3 servers, to allow players, groups and clans to communicate instantly and in an uninterrupted fashion.

If you want to stay up to date on all the happenings around Nitrado and to help keep up with our news and announcements, then please go and like our Facebook page, or even follow us on Twitter.

So why not get started? Add some money to your account and rent a game server in less than 3 minutes. No minimum contract duration and no hidden surprises in the small print.

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The gameservers are ESL ceritified and therefore the first choice for a ESL clanwar.