Blackwake - 3.1.1 ist da und "Capture the Booty" ist wieder da

Blackwake - Korrekturen, Änderungen, Gamemodes und Anpassungen

Ahoi Blackwake Fans! Dies war eine aufregende Woche mit den Verbesserungen und Änderungen, die Blackwake in den letzten Patches bekommen hat. Du wirst feststellen, dass "Capture the Booty" den Weg zurück ins Spiel gefunden hat. Wir haben die kurze Liste der Änderungen und Korrekturen für dich zusammengestellt, schau sie dir an!

Hier ist ein Blick auf einige der wesentlichen Änderungen in Blackwake 3.1 (jetzt 3.11 wegen der "Capture the booty") (Englisch):

  • - End of round mode voting added
  • - Conquest removed, replaced with two individual modes for siege and naval TDM
  • - Lowered requirements for all hats by 1 prestige as they originally were supposed to be
  • - Water spout spawns have been moved further out after play area increase so they don't spawn on your ship
  • - Capture the booty added back


Hier ein Blick auf die vollständige Liste der letzten Patches (Englisch):

3.12 April 25 2018

Siege changes:

  • - Defenders respawn 30% faster
  • - Attacking team gains a spawn checkpoint once gate is destroyed
  • - Defending team can build 1 ship at the start of the round
  • - Tower health increased to 25

TDM changes:

  • - 30 seconds post-construction spawn protection for ships

3.13 April 26 2018

  • - Being below water on the ropes should no longer count as defending during a grapple
  • - Waterspouts should no longer work on ships with no mast
  • - Siege objective text should update when you join late
  • - Vote screen more clearly shows where your vote went
  • - Made adjustments to try and fix issue where defending siege team could not spawn initial line of defending ships
  • - Defenders should no longer get a long respawn time right after side switch
  • - Siege timer after side switch now closer matches that of the time it took the Navy to attack
  • - CTB no longer has a draw state, last team that captured the chest wins if it is equal

3.14 April 27 2018

  • - Announcer voices added to CTB
  • - Siege is no longer the startup mode because a filling server will always have a slow attack
  • - Fixed error where once the cart began to push it would not stop unless no one was near
  • - Wooden dock added to TDM and CTB
  • - All ships should now de spawn once the gate is destroyed in Siege, since a spawn checkpoint is reached
  • - Can now change your votes
  • - Fixed issue where defending team could attack the attacking teams towers so the next round was easier for them


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