Stardew Valley - Update 1.1 inkl. Trailer gelauncht

Stardew Valley wurde gestern auf Version 1.1 gepatcht und erhält dadurch neue Gebäude, Farmen und andere Features. Ein Launch-Trailer zeigt die gravierendsten Unterschiede.

Das Entwicklerstudio ConcernedApe, welches nur von einem Mann geleitet wird, hat am 03. Oktober 2016 endlich den ersten Patch für Stardew Valley herausgebracht. Neben zahlreichen Bugfixes und Problemlösungen halten mit Version 1.1 auch viele neue Features Einzug in das entspannende Farmer-Leben.

Dazu gehören neue Heiratsmöglichkeiten, eine Quest inkl. dazugehöriger Außen-Areale, es gibt jetzt Kaffee (!!) und Gebäude lassen sich über ein spezielles Menu verschieben. Gebäude sind ein gutes Thema, denn hier hat sich auch einiges getan:

  • Schuppen - Ein leerer Raum den du nach Belieben dekorieren kannst
  • Mühle - Wird dazu verwendet, über Nacht Mehl aus Weizen und Zucker aus Rüben herzustellen
  • “Erde Obelisk” (Magisches Gebäude) - Ein dauerhaftes Warp Totem in die Berge
  • “Wasser Obelisk” (Magisches Gebäude) - Ein dauerhaftes Warp Totem zum Strand
  • “Goldene Uhr” (Magisches Gebäude) - Hindert Unkraut daran auf der Farm zu wachsen und Zäune davor zu verfaulen


Außerdem hast du beim Neustart die Wahl, auf welcher der nun 5 verfügbaren Farmen du dich gerne versuchen möchtest:

  • Standard Farm – Die Original Stardew Valley Farm.
  • Riverland Farm – Viel Wasser, gut zum Fischen.
  • Forest Farm – Hier hängt viel Nahrung an Bäumen und Sträuchern. Außerdem gibt's eine spezielle Pflanze die dauerhaft verschiedene Sorten Samen dropt.
  • Hill-top Farm – Verfügt über eine kleine Mine, die Erz und andere Rohstoffe spawnt
  • Wilderness Farm – Hier tauchen in der Nacht Monster auf

Die Bugfixes reichen von richtig beleuchteten Kürbissen, über Schwerter, die nicht mehr verloren werden können, bis hin zur problemlosen Geburt eines Babys und klassischen Schreibfehlern. Auch am Balancing hat Entwickler Eric Barone geschraubt. Dies befasst sich vor allem mit der Regulierung der Preise verschiedener Handelswaren und den Boni die einzelne Berufe erhalten.

Das komplette Change-Log und den Trailer findest du weiter unten:


  • Shane and Emily are now available to marry. They each have new events, music, and more!
  • Spouses now have a unique outdoor area and behavior on the farm.
  • You can now choose from 5 different farm maps at character creation. Each map is focused on a different skill area.
    • Standard Farm – The original Stardew Valley farm.
    • Riverland Farm – Lots of water, good for fishing.
    • Forest Farm – Foraging opportunities and a unique weed that always drops mixed seeds.
    • Hill-top Farm – Has a small mineral deposit from which ores spawn, including a unique geode-bearing ore.
    • Wilderness Farm – Monsters spawn at night.
  • “Shed” building… An empty room that can be decorated, filled with kegs, etc.
  • “Mill” building… Can be used to turn wheat into flour and beets into sugar overnight.
  • A new quest that can be started after the Community Center or JojaMart quest arc is complete. The new quest results in a new “magical construction” feature available from the Wizard’s Tower. The new quest is triggered when you enter the Railroad area.
  • Added several new locations that are related to the above quest. “Junimo Hut” building (Magical Construction). Junimos will harvest crops within a certain distance of the hut, instantly transporting the harvest back to the hut for you to gather at your convenience.
  • “Earth Obelisk” building (Magical Construction). A permanent warp totem to the mountains.
  • “Water Obelisk” building (Magical Construction). A permanent warp totem to the beach.
  • “Gold Clock” building (Magical Construction). Prevents weeds from spawning and fences from decaying on your farm.
  • You can now move your buildings via Robin’s construction menu.
  • New house upgrade from Robin that adds a cellar to your house and teaches you the “cask” crafting recipe. In the cellar, you can use Casks to age cheese and alcohol, increasing their quality.
  • “Iridium-star” level quality is now attainable for aged goods, fruit, forage items (if you have the botanist perk), and animal products. Iridium-star level items have twice the value of normal items.
  • NPC’s now appreciate quality level in gifts, but it only has an effect on gifts they “like” or “love”.
  • Added Coffee, a spring/summer crop, and Coffee Bean. The bean acts as the produce and the seed, similar to sunflowers.
  • 5 Coffee beans can be added to a Keg to make coffee.
  • Honey can be placed in a keg to make mead.
  • Void eggs can be placed in mayonnaise machines to make void mayonnaise.
  • 2 new fish, “Void Salmon” and “Slimejack”
  • You can now choose to color your chests with one of 20 color options.
  • Evil Shrines, where you can make offerings in exchange for dark magic.
  • Divorce. You can file from a little book in mayor’s house.
  • You can now wallpaper the little hallways in your upgraded house.
  • When you beat Journey Of The Prairie King, you can now start over in a harder mode, keeping your upgrades and coins.
  • 2 new “Lost Books”
  • Krobus now sells a “Return Scepter”… a tool which acts as a permanent warp totem to the farm.
  • Giving someone a gift on their birthday will never make your spouse jealous.
  • Pierre now sells a “Catalogue” furniture item that can be used for unlimited free access to all wallpapers and floors.
  • Robin now sells a “Furniture Catalogue” furniture item that can be used for unlimited free access to nearly all furnitures.
  • If you’ve found the Galaxy Sword, you can now buy another from Marlon. You can also buy the Galaxy Dagger and Galaxy Hammer.
  • Slime balls have a chance to drop petrified slime
  • Added a graphics option to display “sharper” stack number digits.
  • You can once again plant fruit trees around the edge of the Greenhouse interior.
  • Fences take twice as long to decay.
  • Balance changes:
    • All animal products are increased in value by 25%
    • The Rancher profession now increases the value of animal products by 20%, up from 10%
    • The Artisan profession now increases the value of Artisan goods by 40%, down from 50%
    • The Blacksmith profession now increases the value of metal bars by 50%, up from 25%
    • The value of Blueberry is now 50g, down from 80g
    • The value of Starfruit is now 750g, down from 800g
    • The value of Cranberry is now 75g, down from 130g
    • The value of Ancient Fruit is now 550g, down from 750g
    • Cranberry Seeds now sell for 60g, down from 120g (The price to buy them from the store is the same)
    • Sunflower can now be grown in summer as well as fall

Bug Fixes

  • Wild plums are now labeled as fruit.
  • Grandpa’s Shrine should now always properly give the reward for reaching 4 candles (works retroactively if you never received your reward)
  • Fixed issue where gathering an item with the “botanist” profession would fail if the inventory was full, even though the gold-level item was present in the inventory.
  • Slime charmer ring should now protect against giant slimes
  • You can no longer tap a stump
  • Fixed Joja Warehouse graphic issue in winter
  • “Check action”-mapped keys should now work to attach bait to a rod.
  • Rain ambient sound should no longer play in Sandy’s Oasis under any conditions.
  • Your baby should now be properly born, even if you pass out in the mines on the eve of the birth.
  • Moonlight Jellies engagement crash
  • Galaxy sword should now be truly unloseable
  • You can no longer lose hay to a hopper because you have no silo.
  • You can no longer plant fruit trees off the farm.
  • “Attack” foods now properly give an attack buff.
  • Clay can no longer always be found one tile above a previously discovered clay spot.
  • Blue Jazz flowers in the refrigerator are now properly consumed in cooking recipes.
  • Fruit that drops when you chop a tree now properly stacks with fruit that drops when you shake a tree
  • Worm bins no longer continue to produce worms every 10 minutes after midnight
  • Jack-o-lanterns properly glow
  • Torches and other light sources held by player are now properly lit after saving/reloading
  • You will now see the final Joja cutscene if you switched to Joja after starting with the community center.
  • When retrieving the cave carrot for Marnie, she will only take one from you.
  • Fixed strange behaviors when picking up certain items with a full inventory.
  • Having no silo no longer causes your hay to disappear when placed in a hopper.
  • When a bomb is placed and then the player leaves the area, the resulting debris will no longer erroneously appear in the new area.
  • Watering a trough in a slime hutch will now have no effect on the troughs in other slime hutches.
  • Using the rain totem and then quickly entering your house no longer causes you to become stuck in the wall.
  • The stone floor now look correct in any configuration.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes.
  • Typo fixes

Gehörst du zu den über 1.5 Millionen Spieler von Stardew Valley, oder interessiert dich das Farm-Leben überhaupt nicht? Poste deine Meinung in die Kommentare!

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