Stationeers - Eine besondere Woche steht an

Ergänzungen und Bugfixes machen es zu einer besonderen Woche für Stationeers.

Grüße Stationeers Fans! Dies scheint eine umfangreiche Woche zu sein, eine lange Liste von Korrekturen, Ergänzungen und ein verbesserter Zustand für das Spiel. Du wirst auf der Steam Store Seite bemerken, dass der "Doomsday Ticker" von "'Unstable" auf "'Expect Bugs" geändert wurde. Dies geschieht nach ausführlichen Gesprächen mit der Community. Hier ist ein Kommentar aus dem letzten Changelog zur Änderung:

I think we've got a long way to go until we can make that next hop to Stable, but instances of hard-crashes to desktop on the main (stable) branch are few and far between, thanks to people sending us their crash logs and bug reports.

Nachfolgend findest Du einige Details zu den Automaten und dem neuen Maussteuerungsmenü. Wenn Du mehr über die Erweiterungen ImportCount/ExportCount, Slot Reader und Batch Reader erfahren möchtest, lese die Consolidated Patch Notes auf Steam. Lasse uns auf einige Details eingehen:


Mit über 100 Slots und automatischer Verarbeitung ist der Verkaufsautomat eine schöne Ergänzung zu jeder Basis. Es verfügt über spezielle logische Befehle, mit denen Du einen "Hash" des gewünschten Objekttyps senden kannst. Die Maschinen können auch an Rutschen angeschlossen werden, so das Du vollautomatische Verteilersysteme in Deiner Fabrik bauen kannst.


Das Hinzufügen der Maus-Menü-Steuerelemente ist für eine einfache Kontrolle über das Spiel und die Benutzeroberfläche gedacht. Die Entwickler haben eine hybride Maus/Hotkey-Steuerung implementiert. Was sind aber die Vorteile? Hier sind einige Features, die das System betreffen:

  • Drag & Drop zwischen den Slots und dem Inhalt der Slots
  • Items tauschen und ausrüsten
  • Öffnen, Schließen und Interaktion mit Objekten

Beachte, dass dieses Menü noch in Arbeit ist. Wenn Du Feedback oder Verbesserungsvorschläge hinterlassen möchtest, ist dies im offiziellen Forum möglich.

Um mit den neuen Menüsteuerungen Schritt zu halten, wurde auch das Tutorialsystem mit viel Liebe gestaltet. Der Prozess wurde stark erweitert. Mit neuen Ergänzungen zur Verwendung des Lichtbogenofens und der Grundlogik ist es durchaus empfehlenswert einen Blick darauf zu werfen.


Die Hinweise zur Veröffentlichung der Version 0.1.1443.6885 und die aktuellen Hotfixes:

Hotfix 0.1.1451.6907
  • Fixed interactions sometimes get disabled and are not able to reinitialize until removed. Now get correctly set and reinitialized.
  • Fixed RAND function on Math Unary always returning the same random number for all logic units. Now each logic unit will generate its own randomized seed for each random function.
Hotfix 0.1.1449.6902
  • Added RAND and SQRT to LogicMathUnary. RAND returns a random (double precision) number between 0 and whatever you input, even tick. SQRT returns the square root of the provided input.
  • Fixed progression problems with tutorial. Now prompts more for what to hold when welding. Drag task now correctly updates for canister. Prompt to clear hands after cooking task, instead of tablet which is likely already dropped.
  • Fixed error when loading a mod that contained changes to mineral spawn rates.
  • Fixed gas canister inventory text pressure values not updating in player inventory on loading an old world. Now correctly update every frame, even if loaded in before the player.
  • Fixed invalid drag and drop icon missing from animation.
  • Fixed null reference breaking game when exiting tutorial prematurely. Now gracefully resets when player exits Tutorial.
  • Fixed progression bugs when repeating tutorial without restarting game. Now resets progressing each time you start the tutorial.
  • Fixed issue where you wouldn't be able to consume the muffin to complete a tutorial step if your hunger rate was set to 0.
  • Fixed error on load if the currently selected recipe on a crafting machine is for an object that does not have a blueprint wireframe created.
  • Fixed missing blueprint for DynamicGPR.
Hotfix 0.1.1444.6887
  • Fixed nulreference exception with Bioprinter. Credit: GamersCircle.
Version 0.1.1443.6885


  • Added Vending Machine. This structure holds up to 100 items, and can be connected to both import and export to chutes. To dispense items can be selected via buttons, with the currently selected item displayed on a screen. However, you can also request items by setting a Hash reference to the item type. The vending machine will then dispense the first stack it can find that matches that hash, and export it. This allows you to make fully automated factories much easier, as you have a smart storage system.
  • Added all logic processors (compare, math, etc...) now expose setting attribute to logic network for read only access. This reduces the need for additional logic writer + memory to read the results. Credit: Otti via Discord.
  • Added Chute Inlet lock state controls input. If you want to stop a chute inlet from stopping collecting, set its lock state to one. Setting to lock zero resumes it. Credit: Drazuam from twitch for idea.
  • Added ImportCount and ExportCount settings to all devices that Import/Export. These counters increase whenever something is imported or exported. You can clear the value by writing anything greater than one to the ClearMemory flag on the device. This makes keeping count far easier. If you insert a stack of 50 iron ore into the stacker while it has a stack size output set to one, ImportCount will increase by one but once the stack is finished exporting, the ExportCount will have increased by 50.
  • Added Logic Batch Reader. This functions much the same as the Batch Writer. You select a device "type" on the network, the variable you want to read, and then the method you want to read them via (Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum). You could use this to read the Sum of the power output from solars, for example, or find the maximum stack setting across a bunch of stackers. You could combine it with a bunch of slot readers, to reach the total amount of quantity on a bunch of slots. Constructable on the I/O logic kit.
  • Removed logic functionality for import and export on devices. This has been depreciated for the Slot Reader. Note: This will break anything relying on Import or Export variables in the logic system - you will need to replace the Logic Reader with a Logic Slot Reader and configure it.
  • Added Slot Reader. This allows you to configure to read a particular slot in a device. Different slot types will give different options. For example, stacks would allow you to read stack quantity, hash type, damage state, and more. Gas Canister slots allow the reading of Pressure and Temperature, directly. This provides much more power than the previous system. Note: This change will cause Logic Readers that used the old Import/Export variables to be broken, as well as hydroponics stations.


  • Refactored Inventory control for keyboard and mouse. Now features docked windows, use keys to open and close or click with mouse to change. Allows multiple windows to be open, scrolling between all open slots and interactions. Mouse now allows movement between slots within players inventory and onto the ground. Better support for language and keyboard changes, and reduce memory and garbage collection significantly by pooling windows and slots. Unified event-based slot management means that keyboard and mouse control results (should) be unified and (should) reduce the maintenance cost of running dual systems.
  • Added automatic replacement of LEFT ALT to the new bind RIGHT ALT, as LEFT ALT is now used for mouse inventory control. If you want to do small changes, you now by default will use RIGHT ALT.
  • Changed default keybind for QuantityModifier to C from RightAlt based on community feedback. Note: this will not affect existing bindings, so you will have to manually change it yourself. It will only affect new installs or those who reset their controls.
  • Added keybind for ThirdPersonModifier defaulting to LeftShift. This keybind replicates the behaviour previously on Alt (Free-look). When held, player can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel, and freely look around without rotating their character in third person.
  • Added temporary icons to let player know what they are doing when they drag with mouse inventory control.
  • Added Hide All Windows key, defaults to Tilde (BackQuote).
  • Added Light state status icon. This will show if you are wearing a helmet with a light. It will show the current light state, and the key required to change it. This helps prompt players for the hotkey to turn their lights on and off.
  • Added Active Hand Power state status icon. This will show if you have something in your hands with a On/Off state. This helps new players learn the hotkey to quickly toggle something on and off - such as a tablet or a mining drill.
  • Added crowbar tooltip message for Area Power Control.

Terrain Refactor & Optimization

  • Changed ores to use an object pool (Bonus, now ores maintain their rotation between saves!).
  • Refactored some parts of chunks/"crystals" while in the process of more general terrain refactoring.
  • Refactored Asteroid and ChunkObject. Just removing some useless/unused code in preparations for larger changes.
  • Changed some heavily used parts of Chunk Object to use Grid3 instead of Vector3 to gain some performance.
  • Added caching of interactable and slot bounds. Previously, the game was generating them for every object on the objects creation. This could cause delays and problems when loading assets. Now this is cached when the asset is made or changed so running games do not need to generate them.

Other Changes/Fixes

  • Added 3d printer effect to simple fabricators.
  • Added Kit (Portable Generator) can be made on Electronics Printer.
  • Changed Ingot stacks spawned by the debug menu will now contain the maximum quantity.
  • Increased Pressure Regulator max setting from 100 atm to 200 atm.
  • Fixed Inability to force feed heal/stun pills or split stacks of them. Also added blueprints for precision placement mode. Masoneer Bug List #0001.
  • Fixed missing blueprints for many items.
  • Fixed some furnace strings not localized.
  • Fixed null reference when reverse going through Logic Slot Reader.
  • Fixed unlimited door label text. There's now a 32 character limit on the displayed text on a composite door and each world will be split if longer than 8 characters.
  • Fixed Pipe Analyzer now paintable in kit/item form and will properly perserve its colour when deconstructed.
  • Fixed Wall Arch variant was not set to 'Block Gravity', so a room completed with them would not properly have gravity applied as per other wall types and frames.
  • Fixed 'Large Panel' wall variant not blocking air or sunlight. Masoneer Bug List #0121 (Credit: JawnyCat)
  • Fixed player climbing infinitely after ladder removed. (Masoneer Bug#0152 - Credit Austin5003)
  • Fixed Sorter white-list drop down box was sometimes appearing empty if they had been cleaned up prematurely. (Credit: Risu)
  • Fixed Slot type on CartridgeGuide so it can now be placed correctly into a tablet.
  • Fixed Sleepers kicking humans out when loading a save.
  • Fixed Batch Reader not sending Type change to server, and not changing. Credit: Draz.
  • Fixed thing names not showing up correctly on eReader Cartridges for Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Fixed Error when changing Anti-Aliasing setting via the main menu after leaving a game (Thanks virusek20).
  • Fixed Circuitboard (Hash Display) was not craftable. Now added to Electronics Printer and Fabricator.
  • Fixed hash errors with displaying the hash for an object in a localized tooltip. Credit: Risu via discord for the new Regex line.
  • Fixed Batch Reader displaying wrong type. Credit: Risu via discord.
  • Fixed junk collider left in scene that caused collision issue on new map.
  • Fixed could place Sleeper, Solid Fuel Generator, and Locker without a frame below. Now requires a frame below it.
  • Fixed plants growing in hydroponics trays and stations disappearing too early on clients.
  • Fixed objects were not being scaled correctly when put into slots. Now correctly scale objects that are placed in slots so that they fit if the slot is smaller than they are.
  • Fixed Slot Reader was not serializing the selected slot. Now correctly saves and loads the slot index.
  • Fixed some missing localization strings for Logic Systems (much more to follow).
  • Fixed inconsistent egg shell stacking behaviour. (Credit: jpdoulos on the Steam Bug Board)
  • Fixed portable GPR throwing a null when it reads a bedrock voxel.
  • Fixed occasional bug with Radiator or Pipe Label placement onto a pipe whose rotation includes small floating point precision errors. (Credit: Eearslya, Risu)
  • Changed the tooltip on the solar panel from displaying visibility to displaying the more useful and relevant efficiency.
  • Fixed visibility of solar panel. It was always displaying a minimum of 17%.
  • Updated Language files for German and Spanish (Credit: Bonbon_kocher & socramazibi)


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