Stationeers - Versions-Update: Ergänzungen, Korrekturen und neue Varianten für Wände und Türen

Stationeers - Versions-Update 0.1.1323.6416: Ergänzungen und Korrekturen

Grüße Stationeers Fans! Neben einer Liste von über 20 Fixes und Änderungen, die mit der Version 0.1.1323.6416 vorgenommen wurden, gab es auch neue Varianten für Wände und Türen. Die Entwickler arbeiten noch hart an dem ersten "Szenario" und dem zugrundeliegenden Ereignissystem, das demnächst ins Spiel kommen wird.

Im Moment sind die neuesten Änderungen und Korrekturen seit dem letzten stabilen Build zu sehen, wir haben eine Liste für dich hinterlassen. Wenn Du alle Details über die Ergänzungen zu Stationeers sehen möchtest, schau Dir die Patch Notes von Heightmare an:

Neue Varianten für Wände und Türen

Mit diesem Update wurde eine Reihe neuer Wandvarianten hinzugefügt. Insbesondere ein Bausatz wird mit einer "Rolltür" ausgestattet sein. Ermöglicht das Ausblenden von Logikschaltungen und anderen an der Wand montierten Geräten, die du verwenden möchtest.

Der Türbaukasten und die anderen neuen Wände sind im Fabricator verfügbar. Das Update enthält vier neue Kits.

Eine vollständige Liste der Ergänzungen und Korrekturen, die mit diesem Versions-Update vorgenommen wurden:

Version 0.1.1323.6416
  • Added Electronic Reader Cartridge filtering. Target any manufacturing machine, furnace or computer with manufacturing motherboard and it will only display the recipes relevant to that machine.
  • Added RollCover "Door". You can build it using ItemKitDoor and place wires, pipes, and logic things inside it (they're actually placed on the frame behind it).
  • Added New wall types to 4 new kits. These kits can be built on the fabricator in the same way as the regular wall kit.
  • Added 3D printing shader for the Fabricator.
  • Added missing 4-way corner pipe variant and ruptured version.
  • Added settings screen option for SunOrbitPeriod, allowing you to adjust the duration of a full sun orbit between 0.1 and 2x the base value of 1200.
  • Added functionality to the Stacker. Can now read the contents with logic, and read/write the quantity setting with logic. It can also be used to automatically remove items from slots in a chute network, for example it can process a mining belt full of ores.
  • Added continuous collision detection for one second for items when they move to the world from a slot. This should reduce instances of things falling through the terrain.
  • Added ability to loop backwards through device and value selection on Logic Reader by holding the QuantityModifier key (Left-Alt by default).
  • Fixed pressure gauge needle on Portable Air Scrubber rotating in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed Game running in windowed mode now stays visible even if it loses focus.
  • Fixed Instances of the tablet falling through voxel terrain by enabling the 'Small Item' flag on the object to enable additional collision detection.
  • Fixed Atmospherics thread crash when deconstructing multiple pipes.
  • Fixed Increased idle power cost of Fabricator and Hydraulic Pipe Bender to bring them more in line with other manufacturing devices.
  • Fixed the inability to rotate walls and floors in some orientations.
  • Fixed Tidied up several item kit names for consistency.
  • Fixed Consoles not working in third-person camera mode.
  • Fixed Issue with the select recipe screen in network games, where clicking the recipe selection button on a machine will trigger the popup on only the hosts machine.
  • Fixed Issue where the front of ItemDrill was missing.
  • Fixed Floor Grates can now be rotated on any axis.
  • Fixed Missing localized name value for most recent frame variant (complete frame with corner removed).
  • Fixed issue where the the sprite references on ItemKitPipe were incorrectly configured, meaning it always displayed the yellow thumbnail no matter what colour they were painted.
  • Fixed error when ejecting silicon from fabricator. Added needed null check.
  • Fixed issue where loading settings from an old version could cause unrecoverable errors that required users to delete their settings file.
  • Fixed error when trying to recycle a reagent mix. Can now recycle reagent mixes, ores and ingots but the resulting slag will need to be fed through a centrifuge until it's back in the form of usable ores.
  • Fixed Stacker will now automatically eject whatever it is processing if an incompatible item is is in the input slot, allowing players to implement their own chute jam handling and resolution system.



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