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4.8 (64)

  • RomyPriscilla Like this server a lot! Will definitely keep playing here.
    YoFait Great server been playing a lil under a year it has great staff and I always have fun playing it!
    lynx_kilo Been on the server for over a year, it’s great!
    XxxGho0st best server to play on
    Blooddevil66 Great server always fun to join your friends and play around plus you can go up to the trader and buy whatever you need it's really helpful
    Sholvix Great server
    sSkinnyMonster The economy system on this server and in the discord is definitely the best I’ve seen
    Messico Best server ever
    Messico Best server ever
    Spicebro245 Honestly a good server by their amazing community and active staff
    SOARBOSS best server i've played on by far, highly recommend
    ayo_salsy Best server i've been on to date, nice and helpful staff!
    FateAwaitsUs Great server! It’s well balanced and has a friendly staff, I would recommend it
    Nomadsniper Great server awsome pvp and really smooth not to much lag loving the server
    jhettinger Server has good traders
    Markfrantz Good server for roleplay has a bunch of cars good admins
    Qaxk Get server i overall love the amazing building mods. Great job keep up the work I’ll recommend this to all of my friends.
    Xiorz overall great server, pretty balanced on the modded side, admins help the most whenever they can
    Sloppy_Ghost Awesome balanced server!! Helpful admins!! Easy to follow rules! Great discord!
    Deathstar0310 Great server many bases and the admins are really cool over all great server
    MRSNOWII Love the server not tons of pvp but the pvp is super rewarding makes u feel like your actually trying to survive
    badmanWINDSOR Brilliant server. Admin works extremely hard keeping it kept up together.
    Itzzgeorge When I bought DayZ, this was the first server I joined ▓▓▓▓▓ trialing in the official servers. They made me feel so welcome and the server had so much entertaining things such as events that i havent had to look anywhere else
    Shoumarie Don't really have nothing bad to say, I like it and have fun when I'm on.
    Pipe_Toker Love the server one of the best ive played in a long time hope they keep it up !!
    Kyz3rW0lf Don't have a bad thing to say about this server. Loot spawns just sparingly enough for you to feel like you are actually surviving
    Mrkstr637 This is definitely one of the best servers I’ve played on, just the right amount out of boosts, and some pretty cool special events.
    Divi2920 Top Server very cool Community 👌😍
    Rhaegon420 Coolest server there is! There's guns, a trader, and vehicles to get around. Tons of fun
    Therage824 Best server out there for joining groups, Trading, currency system is great, best server to play on if you just starting up on DayZ
    RaulStaysHigh best server for pvp and trader! new players every other day
    harbingerr420 Super fun server with a nice balance of everything and super active admins. Would definitely recommend this server!
    grillbusta Best server I been on in awhile good loot not to much not to little like other servers has its ups and downs but the staff are great well kept server
    Johanfoo_DELETED_1 If you’re looking for a server to get you on the right track this is the one , admins and other players always answer any questions and the trader really helps out a lot 10/10
    Bigfry Best server to play on. If you have a problem admins and other players willing to help out.
    ltsnikki I have been stuck on this server for almost a year. The people are so welcoming and a blast to play with. 10/10 I would recommend.
    cleatusmcgee The best server ive have ever played in such a great community the admins and everyone are always understanding and are always trying to help the best they can highly recommend playing this server
    yodee187hitman Lots of fun best server I played
    Bigfootlover1991 Love this server. Best admins I've dealt with on servers so.far. always respond quickly and always help everyone with what theyneed..

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