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  • stephano55inch Best server I’ve been on since I started playing DayZ. Even dating back to the PC days of Standalone. Love it. Can’t express the fun atmosphere it holds.
    GodPulledAGlock I absolutely love this server, great people and amazing admins!
    ThePinkPurpler You can’t find this experience anywhere else. Not only is the community a great place the mod staff is simply amazing, there are many more good words to describe them and the community as a whole, generous, caring, genuine, respectful, and mature.
    DocMcstuffinyou The best RP server around, great people and the admins are always active
    breakoutmyak Hands down the best RP server for PS4 cannot find a better server anywhere else great people great admins great community
    Officialmoonyman Best rp server around the people I’ve interacted with are really nice and extremely helpful I cannot find any negative things to say about the server it is definitely 5 stars
    JaySkylineR34 very good people fun times good rp and story keeps you coming back for more love this server
    Sundown317 Everybody I've dealt with is nice and the people on the server really enjoy the game in all aspects, making for fun times.
    MerriIl Hands down the best RP server for PS4 DayZ. Top quality people and RP characters/narratives. Zero toxicity but when negative stuff occurs it gets dealt with fairly and swiftly. Can't recommend enough.
    Speilekorps All humanity is here not just the psychopaths, there’s good and bad and everything in between. It’s a proper community of dedicated RPers exploring the world and all it’s possibilities where survival doesn’t necessarily come at the expense of the next gu.
    NoWhiskeyRose After joining this rp server I have no need or desire to go anywhere else. Our server has a very dedicated staff, an active community, several organised businesses, our own CURRENCY and an incredibly organised Discord channel. The immersion is lit, y'all
    ayoandy Best RP server on PS4 you will not find a better community for role playing. I have tried about 2 other servers to role play on but didn’t stick around long because the community didn’t feel right unlike this one. Grove Street Home.
    cridlesticks An outstanding RP experience on PS4. The best staff on the planet, truly dedicated to making the experience better for the player; with active traders, and different zones, and factions, you're going to lose yourself in the server that is worthy of 5 stars
    Obie1Jabroni Ive played on this server for few months now. Admins are fair and the vommuntiy is great! As far as RP goes look no further..
    Tertwilliger I feel obligated to comment and rate my server. This is truly a great community. If you want a friendly and inviting roleplay server this is your stop!
    tommyburk This server is where it’s at! For months I was looking for a solid rp community. One that had structure yet plenty of freedom, as well as a community committed to giving you the best experience. I found it!
    TheMongrelCat I've been in this server for months and don't plan on leaving. I've got hundreds of hours on it, and will put hundreds more into it. The best role play experience you'll ever find on console, hands down.
    NovaArgo Great server all around, Admin are nice, community is nice. Plus the community is very active
    Hickiey Best RP server on PS4 no one else even comes close!
    ShaggyMan Love the group all together, really brings out the RP. Admins are fair and fun to meet, great server overall! Very organized and neat!
    dirtbagSWAG Awesome server and the Admins do an excellent job! Really enjoy my experience!
    Christophurrr Best server to RP in day z, admins and mods make everyone feel welcome, it’s like one big happy family, would recommend to everyone who wants to day z rp!
    Ryansimpkins24 I've been on the server for 5 months now and I've enjoyed every minute of it. The admins are friendly, and are always striving to make our community and map better. I've made new friends and recommend any new player to join.
    Kylooh DayZHP is one of the best communities I have ever been apart of. The staff are absolutely amazing and dedicated to the community and server. If you are a new player to DayZ and want to be apart of something great, I would join!
    Wetworksalpha I have played on a few Dayz community servers prior to finding the Dayzhp group. This is by far the best group of people to play with and the best admin team on the game for PS4. They have created a community of players.
    ExcessivelySmug DayzHP was my first roleplay experience on ps4 and the staff, roleplayers, and all of their characters wandering around the server never cease to create amazing experiences
    Purplehaze974971 I gladly give DayzHP 5 stars. Best rp server on the ps4. They have improved the game by hosting special events, implementing a working and ever changing economy with a discord based monetary system, and do a great job filtering out the toxic players.
    TheDudeAbides This private server has built a game of its own on top of DayZ. They have taken a toxic and hair-pulling game, and turned it into something beautiful.
    BallMeBro DayzHP is more than a Community. We are a Family. I encourage everyone to at least try it.
    Comingtonite I would highly recommend this server to any new role players as the community are very welcoming and will help you out with the rp if needed
    Comingtonite I joined this whilst trying to find a good server, however I was unable to locate a good server, with good admins and rp. However I came across this server and was welcomed with kindness and was shocked to see how the admins handled problems(amazing)
    df5216 This is by far the best PS4 DayZ community out there! Most immersive RPers on PS4 hands down and the level of engagement from everyone is incredible!
    Maxime6012 Honestly this sever deserves anything good that comes to it, I've gained friends and amazing RP experiencs the mods and adjoins are the nicest around and I couldn't ask for anything better.
    ClapnBack Choose this server!!!!! It will be your best and last pick for finding a rp server!!!!! ... friendly community with some of the best rp characters ive had the pleasure of meeting. Join today !!!!
    Waggy777 This is the best online community of which I've ever had the pleasure of being a member.
    Ellisvaughan Nowhere better to do your RP, no other server comes close. The community is amazing aswell as the admin staff. Great group of people even better RP experience.
    RagnarsDestiny amazing community. DHP is the place too be for RP. amazing mod team who help quickly, amazing RP, I couldn't ask for a better group of people!
    greenight87 awesome community built around this server. With different player run shops and services. The admin are great as well spending a lot of time helping refine rules, implement new features, handle disputes and more. Highly recommend!
    riskycutlery One of the few rp servers where you'll always be comeing back for more

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