42.! .: The Sanctuary Hardcore PVE | No Base Raid | Military PvP | /nJgY3Xd6E5 :.

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  • Wieringer78 Great server and great discord channel. Kind People. Also good server for new players, fresh starters When in trouble there is alwas help. Also the possibility to earn (discord)money and trading. Trading with trading post or with other players Admins kind
    ABADSINGER13 Great server full of lovely people great to play with easy to talk to and super healful for a new start like me 20/10
    CopycatTheGreat I started new to Day Z in this server and ended up finding a great community behind it
    Normhawk2 best server ive ever played on. the admins have really built a solid community of players here.
    Doctorwho2932 AGC is a pretty chill server, with great player interaction, and dedicated admins that can get in touch with you in minutes. I’ve only had good player interactions, and people willing to help you out if ya need it. All and all,one of my favoritePVE servers
    ArmyVisioN Great sever to chill on. Sever admin and player base are kind and are willing to help. 10/10 would recommend.
    xSHOEIx Aged GamerZ is a PVE/PVP zoned server with a trader at Green Mountain, this PlayStation community is aimed slightly towards the older generation of gamers. BUT everyone is welcome
    Llockiez A Great sever with a great Discord community behind it. Only one place to be!!
    Jkniteuk Best PvE server on DayZ, The server does what it states. All members are friendly and helpful. The Admins on the server cater for the community and care about the community. Best server I have been on.
    StreetVeteran Great server. Admins care about community above all else and it shows. Nice place to hang out with friends or make some new ones. Everyone is really friendly and server is exactly what it is advertised to be. Top notch!

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