135.WTF Happened Here ?!? A heavily modified DayZ Experience.

Players 0 / 20
5.0 (3)
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  • WTF Happened Here?!?

    ֎ Custom placed car locations. Learn what the previous owner of the car did before the apocalypse and it will make finding them easier.
    ֎ Custom placed bonfires and helicopter/santa wrecks.
    ֎ Custom spawn points added.
    ֎ "Safe" Zone - The Inhabited Zone - Brena has been converted to an RP Paradise.
    ֎ Cannabis Enabled.
    ֎ Completed Castles. Including some unique-to-WTF Extra Castles!
    ֎ Call of Duty "Shipment" map east of Brena outside the wall.
    ֎ Many random additions around the map including small props to add to the attention to detail.
    ֎ Warehouse Rave in Topolin!
    ֎ Lunapark Amusement park north of Wrzeszcz
    ֎ Build (almost) anywhere. Not Garden Plots
    ֎ Boosted, but not infinite, stamina.
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