8.LS REMNANTS RP (discord.gg/remnants)

Players 3 / 70
4.6 (32)

  • TacoManIsYes Best server I've ever played in DayZ. By far.
    MsPuddin Really great server💖
    Flawed_Assass1n A great server for those who like RP, and by RP I mean toxic banditry 24/7, "news posts" that looks like they were written by illiterate children, and admin abuse just like every other RP server
    MegaSweat Great server
    zacattak this server is the best server out there, the admins are great, the events are great and they never disappoint.
    Milo23 Best server out #fucknitrado
    Cmn1982 Great server. Highly recommended
    Uncle_Yohan_Sven It's really one of the only and one of the best non-pvp focused servers
    Panman27 Great community and great admins willing to listen
    CheesusCwitht Great server. The best RP experience on PS!
    Darkone1122 Best server I ever played on
    Mr_Hammerz Amazing content and community
    Sapie88 Why go anywhere else?
    xXBloodVikingXx Good time
    weeknightgamer This server is the standard for any community dayz server
    Rudegeek Love the server and community 👍💯
    fivetwosix Server was made legit because the first one was too good case in point this one's great too
    Chewy88 Great server👌🏻
    kissmeiamtoxic Fun and active server! Have enjoyed my time greatly on here .
    Italianskank Top server
    OpenFacedSalad Awesome server
    XKTHULHUX420 Best server I've played ever
    xBennyHDx 10/10 ❤
    Mrmeows1001 Amazing server

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