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Minecraft 1.3

Today on August, 1st 2012 the minecraft update version 1.3 was released. The "Vanilla" Server are already updated. For Bukkit there is no new recommended version available at the moment. We will add the Bukkit update to the webinterface, as soon as a new recommended version is released.

New features of Minecraft 1.3:

  • The game now runs an internal server in single-player mode
  • The single-player server can be shared on LAN, with LAN server detection
  • Made it possible to use client-side commands by enabling cheats (this is defaulted as disabled for old worlds)
  • Added an optional “bonus chest” to get started quicker
  • It’s now possible to trade with villagers. Added emeralds as a currency
  • You gain enchantment orbs from other tasks than just destroying monsters. Max enchantment level has been decreased to 30
  • Servers can automatically suggest and distribute texture packs
  • Added new world map elements (does not need a new map, but they’ll only appear in new areas)
  • Added cocoa beans
  • Added an Ender chest
  • Added tripwire
  • Wooden logs can be placed sideways