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Battlefield 3 Server

Battlefield 3 Gameserver mieten

By popular request Nitrado now offers Battlefield 3 servers.

Battlefield 3 servers can be ordered with a minimum of 16 slots and use the brand new webinterface for servermanagement.

As an introductory offer, the Procon Admin Tool can be enabled for free on all servers.

The new webinterface makes it possible to see a detailed status in the "dashboard", change the configuration in real time, manage your maplists, view punkbuster screenshots / logs, send RCON commands and much more.

The server can also be easily managed via the Android app "Nitrado Server Manager". An update of the iOS app will soon follow.

Of course, all BF3 servers are completely integrated into the Nitrado cloud and operated exclusively on high-quality, certified server hardware. Battlefield 3 players can now benefit from the high quality Nitrado game servers.

Advantages of a Nitrado BF3 server:

  • Easy to configure and control through webinterface and app

  • Stable and smooth gameplay due the real server-hardware and DDoS Protection

  • Flexibility on the Nitrado Cloud (real-time gameswitching or upgrades / downgrades)

  • Environment-friendly operation of the server with 100% green energy

More games coming soon.