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Teamspeak 3 Music Bot

NitradoTeamspeak 3 Music Bot

With the “TS3MusicBot” you can transform each Teamspeak 3 server into a private radio stream. In addition to uploaded music and radio streams, Soundcloud or Youtube links and others, can be played directly. The bot is comfortable administered in a separate web interface and can be controlled directly on the TeamSpeak 3 Server via special commands.

Apart from playing music, the bot also offers advanced features such as kicking of idle users or server group protection, simplify the administration of a TS3 server and can be automated. On the "TeamSpeak 3 Music Bot rent" page you can see screenshots of the webinterface as well as a list of the features.

The bot is currently available with a storage space of 5GB and 25GB from 5 Euro per month.

Have fun with the new “TS3MusicBot”!