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Attack of the B-Team, Just Cause 2, Kingdoms Rise

Prepaid Server mieten

Since a few days new games are in the gameswitching available:

Minecraft Technic Platform - Attack of the B-Team

As the first european hoster offers nitrado servers for the new modpack "Attack of the B-Team". The desired modpack can be selected during installation of the game "Minecraft (Technic Plattform)".

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer

Thanks to a community modification - Just Cause 2 can now be played in the multiplayer. Nitrado offers the server for this great game! Rico Rodriguez returns as the protagonist, aiming to overthrow the evil dictator Pandak "Baby" Panay and confront his former mentor, Tom Sheldon.

Kingdoms Rise

Kingdoms Rise is a Multiplayer Fantasy Combat Game featuring brand new game mechanics within its deep 360° sword fighting system and magic abilities. It is now possible to rent your own Kingdoms Rise gameserver on