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Rust available

Rust Server mieten

The well know survival game "Rust" can now be installed on your Nitrado Gameserver. The game is available with all our different server types, also your slot count will be multiplied by 2,5.

Example: A normal Publicserver Basic with 20 slots labeled 11,00 € per month will be started with 50 slots available.

Important Notice: Due to the increased base load, the game is only available from 20 slots and higher.


All Rust servers can toggle between the normal (Legacy) and the experimental (Release/Experminental) version of the game at any time.

Furthermore the Oxide Plugin System can be enabled via our Webinterface.This opens up the possibility the use a wide range of Plugins, which can be found on

More information can be found on: Rent Rust Gameserver

We wish you a nice time and good luck surviving!