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Minecraft: Winter Event 2015

Nitrado:net Winter Event 2015

Soon it is time for the next big Nitrado Minecraft event. The winter event 2015 is in its startposition and ready to launch.

There are many gifts to find and give away in a vast, Christmassy world. But be aware, each gift has its own tricks and quirks, but they will reward you in various ways, after they are delivered.

A visit on our servers will be worthwhile. As known from the last events, the Minecraft account can be linked to the Nitrado account to get a small surprise for every done success. But there is more, paysafecard will add several prices on top. Be excited about what there is to win.

Start of the event: Sat, 19.12.2015 at 4:00 pm (UTC +1)

More informations about this grand event will follow in the near future.