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Automatic Payment Renewal

Nitrado now provides you with an automatic renewal option to continuously extend the term of your Nitrado server. This new function is currently up and running, and ready for you to take advantage of its benefits. To do so, you have the following options:

  • You can use your existing credits on your account to renew the Nitrado server each month. If this balance is insufficient at the appropriate time, the transaction will not be made.
  • You can automatically renew your server with the Credit Card or PayPal account that was left on file when you registered with us.  
  • You can choose a combination of the above options by first using any credit you have on file, and then proceeding to charge the Credit Card or PayPal account you registered with.

The payment will occur automatically, one day before the end of each term and you will be notified via email. You will also be notified if the payment is insufficient and cannot go through.

If you are ready to begin the automatic renewal process you can login through the Nitrado website under the menu item “My Services”. You will then see a list of your currently leased servers. Lastly, proceed to click on the appropriate server you wish to renew on the red circular arrow. The payment renewal process is now complete.

After that you just need to choose the payment method and how long the term should be and this is it. From now on your Nitrado server agreement will be renewed automatically.

This service is very flexible as you can switch between game servers as well as voice servers, bouncers and can even be used for your webspace. Unfortunately, domains and CMS are not supported yet.