ARK: Survival Evolved - v273.0-v273.11 Lay on beds, Handcuff Improvements, and More!

ARK: Survival Evolved - Lay on Beds, Handcuff structure locking, and more!

Just because ARK has been fully released it doesn't seem that the improvements stop there! This latest update Wildcard introduces a couple new concepts to the game. They may not have a huge effect on gameplay, but they do provide a great addition to RolePlaying and are fun to mess with in PVP.


When you use a Simple Bed or a Modern Bed your character will now lay down on the bed. When logged out, your character will remain on the bed in a sleeping pose. This feature works with Two people on the same bed and also will work while moving on dynamic platforms.


With the addition of the Lay on Bed feature, is also the ability to "Lock" players to specific objects. This includes chairs, benches, beds, and more!  This feature will persist through log out, and it will also work on dynamic platforms making it easy to transfer prisoners. While a player is handcuffed their poop will be transferred to slot one in the inventory, making it easier for you to get out of the unforgiving situation you are in.


Current Version: v273.11
- Can no longer attach floating structures when on a flying dino platform.
- Dropping Inventory-deposit structures onto platform saddles now counts them against the platform-tame limit.
- Fixed some cases of Turrets not properly shooting players.
- Fixed some cases where Beds were causing collision glitches.
- Can no longer place Beds onto Pillars, was causing issues.
- When a player is chained to a Seating Structure, fixed removing handcuffs through Inventory to properly unseat the player.

- Added the capability to "Lay On" Simple Bed and Modern Bed (2 people on Modern Bed). If you log out while laying on a bed, you'll remain in sleeping pose on the bed even when you log-out, and will stay on the bed even while it moves on a dynamic platform. (You can still be damaged and killed when on the bed).
- Added the capability for another player to "Lock" handcuffed players to Seating Structures (including Chairs, Benches, Beds, etc). When locked to a structure, the handcuffed player will appear to have a cable connecting them to the structure and be forced to sit on the structure. This state persists across logging out as well. Another player can also "Unlock" you from the Structure, or remove the handcuffs. Chairs within Cages are thus very useful for transportation of prisoners.
- When handcuffed, Poop now is forced directly into Slot 1. Prisoners can consume it rapidly as it builds up to attempt suicide.
- Fixed saving/loading of Lamp Post Light intensity value.



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Oct 27 2017, 09:53 pm
Zachary Smith
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