ARK Mobile - King of The Hill! Competition Details

A new game mode arrives! ARK Mobile - King of The Hill

Greetings ARK Mobile fans! Ready to prove your worth in a king of the hill competition? ARK: Mobile will be getting a new experimental server running a new game mode - King of the Hill. Meet at the Volcano on The Island and battle for your spot on the hill. You can find more information and details here on 'survivetheark': ARK Mobile - King of the Hill

The competition starts on May 15th, 2019. One server will launch in each region where you'll have 2 weeks to dominate the Volcano! The winning tribe will receive the following:

  • Early access to an upcoming TEK Blueprint
  • A stack of 100x Eery Element
  • Tribe owner will be granted a complimentary 12-slot Nitrado server rental for 3 months

Server/Event Times:

  • Server: King of the Hill (PvP Hard AS)
    Start Time: 5/15/19 at 11:00am EST
    End Time: 5/29/19 at 11:00am EST
  • Server: King of the Hill (PvP Hard EU)
    Start Time: 5/15/19 at 12:00pm EST
    End Time: 5/29/19 at 12:00pm EST
  • Server: King of the Hill (PvP Hard NA)
    Start Time: 5/15/19 at 1:00pm EST
    End Time: 5/29/19 at 1:00pm EST

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May 15 2019, 09:45 pm
Zachary Smith
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