ARK Mobile: Pre-orders Now Available for Private Servers

ARK Mobile: Private Servers Coming Late October, Pre-orders Now Available

Greetings ARK fans! Are you as excited about the new ARK Mobile private servers as we are? We have an expected date of October 22nd for the release of the private servers! Private servers for ARK Mobile (iOS + Android) will be available exclusively with Nitrado. Enjoy the true ARK experience everyone has come to know and love straight from your phone! Servers will be installed as soon as the game is available. You can expect the ordered runtime to start once the server has been installed.

PreOrder for ARK Mobile Today! Best Played on your Game Server!

Pre-Order your Own ARK Mobile Server with Nitrado Today!!

ARK: Survival Evolved on Mobile

Join forces with tens of thousands of other mobile survivors. ARK: Survival Evolved mobile is free-to-play, battle with friends and download the game today! Learn more about the game and where to download it here:

All gameplay footage for this trailer was recorded live using an iPhone 8.

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Pre-Order your Own ARK Mobile Server with Nitrado Today!!

Oct 18 2018, 09:11 pm
Zachary Smith
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