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ARK Sponsored Mods - What Makes a Modder?

With the unveiling of the Sponsored Mod Program, a new era of modding is emerging. For the first time, modders are being supported by the developers themselves.

When Studio Wildcard announced sponsored mods, the surge to mod for ARK was incredible. Opinions on this topic were divided heavily, but that didn't mean anything. Modders are finally being given the recognition and support they deserve.

Modding is by no means an action originating in the virtual world. The need to change and "improve" things just belongs inside some folks. It didn't take long for this to make its way into video games. Those who ventured into the world of modding games have rightfully earned the title of "Modder". They almost always invest their spare personal time to work on something they receive no reimbursement for, but this is usually a self-fulfilling hobby. They don't do it for the money.

Now with the onset of the Sponsored Mod Program for ARK: Survival Evolved, things are changing. Now modders can get paid for their hard work on a monthly basis if you qualify. The compensation is quite generous and exists to see one thing done: finish the mod. They have no deadlines or stipulations except to finish the mod. If you cannot finish the mod, there is no penalty either, so it's a win-win for the modder.

Now the question is: is it worth the effort at this point? There are so many mods out there already, many of which seems useless. Often though, there is more to the mod than the surface may suggest. One good example of this is the Structures Plus Mod, which entered the sponsorship program recently.

At first glance, the mod doesn't appear to change much beyond what the game already does. But if you dive into the mod and check it all out, you can see what is really available. Most notably are the snap points, which is such a pain to mess with in the DevKit. All of them have been reworked and some of them even have a few options beyond the default. In recent conversations, S+ Modder David talks about how he was under so much stress with the release of the Tek Tier structures and how complex they are. Many details are placed into the Tek structures, making the modification of it incredibly stressful and complex. This complexity, although stressful, is what drives David to continue working. He's got some ideas for the underwater Tek bases already. In the future, he would like to add a feature that enables the flooding of certain compartments, so you can swim from level to level instead of needing stairs.
ARK Sponsored Mods

There are other mods though, which don't bring much in the way of functionality, but more on aesthetics. The Modder Eco is a pioneer for this on ARK. With her completely aesthetic mods, she is speaking to an entirely different player demographic. That doesn't mean she should be discounted though. The level of detail placed into the new textures that are required, and the models themselves, is a work of art in itself and often involves a small team to implement everything properly.

ARK Sponsored Mods

ARK Sponsored Mods

ARK Sponsored Mods


At the end of the day, modders are everyday people like you and me. They have private lives, work jobs, and play games. The difference between us though is their enthusiasm for developing a game, bending it to their will, and having a cool hobby. All of it being done at their own convenience, expense, and without any recognition most times. It is seen though, that this is often no obstacle, and the mod continues to be developed. We here at Nitrado enjoy all of the new mod content and can't wait to see what else is in store for everyone! We'd also like to that the all the modders for their hard work and determination to bring us new and unique content for our favorite games!

How do you feel about the Sponsored Mod Program and the rest of the modding scene? Have you ever been interested in trying to develop a mod? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nitrado DE News

Apr 14th, 03:48 am
Matthew Wiebke
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