ARK Survival Evolved: Extinction Chronicles V

ARK Survival Evolved: Extinction Chronicles V - More additions and A New Tek Dino

Greetings ARK fans! Earlier word was received that the Extinction Chronicles V update will hit soon! On October 16th, a client and server side update will bring Extinction Chronicles V to you on PC, Xbox, and PS4. Leading up to the release of Extinction, you will be able to find drops of Extinction-related Explorer Notes on The Island, Scorched Earth, and Aberration. Collect all of these for a chance unlock new Extinction-related skins!






Here are the additions that have already occurred in prior months:

  • In Extinction Chronicles I you received Explorer Notes, the Corrupted Helmet, and the Tek Rex.
  • In Extinction Chronicles II you received Explorer Notes, the Corrupted Boots, and the Tek Stego.
  • In Extinction Chronicles III you received Explorer Notes, the Corrupted Pants, and the Tek Raptor.
  • In Extinction Chronicles IV you received Explorer Notes, the Corrupted Shirt, and the Tek Parasaur.


Enjoy ARK: Survival Evolved today! Best Played on your Game Server!

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Extinction Chronicles V

As we know there is an appearance of a Tek-themed Dinosaurs as well as other additions each month. We have the details for this month's update below, stay tuned for more details on the release of Extinction and private servers! Tomorrow's update will bring to bring you:

  • Three new Explorer Notes
  • The Corrupted Gloves
  • A new Tek creature, the Tek Quetzal!

Just like previous chronicles, special colored dinos will be populating the ARKs. You'll be able to find creatures sporting black, red, green, purple, and white up until the launch of Extinction. Be sure to take advantage of these special colors before they're extinct!


Here is a full list of the featured changes in Extinction Chronicles V. Stay tuned to the Community Crunch for notes on your specific platform.

Extinction Chronicles V:

  • Added Tek Quetz
    • New breeding line
    • 5% chance to spawns
    • 20% higher base level
  • Added new color set (black, red, green, purple, white)
  • Added 3 new Explorer Notes and matching unlock (Corrupted Gloves)
  • Increased maximum player level by 1
  • Climbing pick meshing fixes
  • Better handling for low fps server dino attacking
  • Fix for failure to cleanup structure placers
  • Pre-emptive API for server structure cleanup improvement
  • Increased damage range for players/dinos on surface of Aberration

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