ARK Survival Evolved - Extinction has Arrived

ARK: Extinction is here! Private Servers Now Available for PC

Greetings, ARK fans! It's time! The update for Extinction has been released! The client and server side update now brings the Extinction DLC to PC. Unfortunately, Xbox and PS4 have to be patient for a while. So, what is "Extinction" about? This with many more questions and information we will answer for you below.

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ARK Extinction

What is "Extinction" about? The DLC takes you to Earth, but in ARK: Survival Evolved, it's described as a devastated planet full of organic and mechanical creatures. Your task will be to air the mysterious secrets of the earth. After all, there should be a key to both the past and the future. As a kind of endgame challenge, you also have to fight a giant Titan, which is sure to be a tough challenge for some players. Wildcard has already released several updates with Extinction content, such as various Tek dinosaurs and skins.

The new DLC also comes with unique creatures. We have the top 3 for you:

  • Titans
    • As the name suggests, these are gigantic monsters. They should even tower over giants such as the Titanosaurus a lot. These monsters are designed to provide an endgame challenge for veterans. Therefore, they will not roam free in Extinction. You will have to find and visit them at fixed places. Wildcard described the titans as "mini-bosses", which sounds ironic in size. This suggests that an even bigger boss is waiting for the survivors.
  • Enforcer
    • This synthetic dino can scramble walls and perform quick, short jumps through a teleport. It is still unclear whether this Dino must be made or tamed. But it is certain that survivors can ride it, allowing players to take advantage of fast teleportation.
  • Gasbag
    • This farm animal will float like a balloon. Survivors can besiege the animal with resources like a pack donkey and use it to transport them. Gasbag is just a working title here.

The Element

Another special feature of Extinction is the "element" that infects the earth. Survivors will encounter a corrupted ecosystem that has also changed some dinosaurs. They seem to have developed a kind of hive mentality through corruption. This makes the animals untamable. Survivors will be advised to be cautious because the altered dinosaurs are extremely aggressive.

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