ARK: Survival Evolved - Genesis II Reveals Continued

TEK Pistol, TEK Hoversail, and the Ammo Box! Genesis II Reveals

Greetings Survivors! With a reoccurring theme, Studio Wildcard continues to give a fresh look at some upcoming content from Genesis II. This week we see some exciting reveals that are practical in both PVP and PVE situations. Jump right into the latest reveals for ARK: Survival Evolved - Genesis II below.

Genesis II - Reveals!

Community Crunch 267 brings to us more reveals for the upcoming Genesis II update! Following the Canoe, Noglin, and the Minigun announcement, take a look below at what was revealed this week:

  • TEK Hoversail:

    "There's no better feeling than skimming the skies to find the perfect tailwind to surf.  Reach your destination in style while landing flashy tricks to improve your speed!"

  • Ammo Box:

    "Complete with a floating HUD that displays the total ammo stats, the Ammo Box will automatically fill all nearby turrets with all varieties of ammunition!"

  • TEK Phase Pistol:

    "In your hands lies the dichotomy between giving and taking life. What will you choose when wielding the TEK Phase Pistol? Phaser, Taser or Laser 😉"

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May 12, 12:18 am
Zachary Smith
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