ARK: Survival Evolved - Lost Island and the Amargasaurus reveal

ARK: Survival Evolved - Introducing a New Map: Lost Island

Greetings ARK fans! A new mysterious world was announced in the recent community crunch. 'Lost Island' and the new creatures within will be a free DLC coming to Steam, Epic, Xbox, and PlayStation later this year! We have put together what details we know so far and a special reveal below.

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Lost Island

Lost Island will bring your adventure to new heights featuring this expansive 150 sq. kilometer map. The new map will feature three brand new real-world creatures. Encounter new biomes, challenges, and mysterious ruins! Find your home under the canopy of the Redwood Forests, explore the beautiful valley of waterfalls, brave dangerous swamps and caves, dive to the underwater depths or climb the snowy mountains high. The Lost Island provides environments suitable for any survivor.


Of all the creatures in the sauropod family, Amargasaurus titanicus is likely the most unique looking. It sports two parallel rows of dorsal spines down the length of its neck, back, and tail--though the neck spines are significantly longer than the back or tail spines. These spines are a remarkable adaptation, giving Amargasaurus unmatched control of its body temperature. Made even more incredible by their time on ARKs, these spines store both extreme heat AND extreme cold, effectively allowing Amargasaurus to live comfortably in any environment. Its sails also make it an abnormally capable swimmer, for a sauropod.

Unlike most sauropods, Amargasaurus is very prone to violence, attacking most predators (and humans!) on sight. I suspect this behavior developed alongside the dangerous spines it uses as weapons.

Once finally tamed, it's no surprise that Amargasaurus' spines are its best feature. If removed early, their thermal storage becomes erratic, which is perfect for catalyzing sap development in many trees.

Some tribes, of course, adapted this thermal quirk for combat. By having Amargasaurus eject a spine before it sheds naturally, the freezing/warming waves that emanate from the spike play havoc with armor in the area. Interestingly, simple armor is barely affected, while more complex armor is more heavily affected.

More info: Community Crunch 274: Introducing Lost Island, Amargasaurus, and More!

Enjoy ARK: Survival Evolved with friends! Best played on your own Nitrado Game server!

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