ARK: Survival Evolved - More Reveals of Genesis II

Federation Crop Plot, Shadowmane, and More! Genesis II Reveals

Greetings Survivors! In our last ARK post regarding the Genesis II Reveals and Launch Date, we were given a fresh look at some upcoming content. This week this trend is continued with more reveals to share from the coming Genesis II update! Let us jump right into the latest reveals for the ARK: Survival Evolved - Genesis II update below.

Genesis II - Reveals!

More exciting reveals made their way into the latest Community Crunch 264! We have gathered some of the details of what you can look forward to:

  • Federation Crop Plot:

    "Test your green thumb and expand your gardening possibilities with the Federation Crop Plot that allows you to raise harvestable plants just about anywhere!"

  • Shadowmane:

    "Never mind its lightning-fast chain-teleport strike… By the time you're aware of the Shadowmane's presence, it's probably too late!"

  • Loadout Mannequin:

    "Make every second count by storing your equipment on Loadout Mannequins.  Quickly visualize your gear, hotbar items,  and complete a full equipment swap!"

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Zachary Smith
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