ARK: Survival Evolved - Update V279.242 Brings Rideable Moschops, details here

ARK: Survival Evolved - Big Fixes and the Rideable Moschops!

Good day fellow ARK fans! Yesterday, an update pushed that was small but provided some important stuff. There are seven small fixes to repair nagging difficulties along with the addition of Rideable Moschops! If you are curious about the fixes, there is a full list of them below.

Rideable Moschops

The Moschops seems to have grown a bit in size! You can now tame and ride the Moschops as you please. Although they slow in the water, it is quite useful on land! I have tested the Moschops for you and these are my results.

A great gatherer of resources, the Moschops gathers Thatch and Fiber quite nicely, with a small amount of wood. If you are in the need for berries, the Moschops can take care of that too. It will maintain a decent speed when running on land, however, don't expect to swim away from anything on one. Preserving its Lazy status from wild behavior, it does not carry much in their inventory.

ARK: 2x Evolution Official Event Weekend!

Remember that the 2x event on official servers starts today April 6th! Until Monday the 9th at 1 PM EST, all Official Servers will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes:

  • 2x Harvesting Rate
  • 2x Taming Rate
  • 2x EXP Rate

A full list of changes and fixes with V279.242, and 279.243:

Released - April 5, 2018

  • Fixed tamed Oviraptors getting bunified
  • Fixed game exploits involving using a BattlEye bypass to ignore pin codes, access storage and the exploit the ascension mechanic
  • Fixed torch placement on TLC2 saddles
  • Moschops is now rideable!
  • Fixed an exploit causing non-allied dinos to rapidly lose their food under specific circumstances
  • Fixed friendly Raptor pounce dismounting nearby riders
  • Multiple fixes for Chick Hat placement
  • Fix for allowing players to transfer between servers



Apr 6 2018, 09:10 pm
Zachary Smith
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