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Conan Exiles Patch Fixes Bugs and Exploits

The newest update for Conan Exiles fixes a lot of annoying bugs and exploits while improving the server browser as well.

Conan Exiles receives a new update, which includes various bug fixes and eliminates some bothersome exploits, as well as some new server functions. Spawning within stones and the "Rock Jump Exploit" are no longer around and cannot be abused.

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The patch notes can be found below:

Performance and Tech Fixes
  • Optimized server memory usage for pathfinding data
  • Game client now uses less memory for the GUI
  • Fixed a server crash related to database initialization
Server Settings
  • Added ability for server admin to broadcast messages to players on the server
  • Added ability for server admin to teleport to a specific player
  • Added ability for server admin to set a Message of the Day
  • Server admins can now specify the amount of friendly fire (guild mates hurting guild mates)
  • Server admins can now modify the durability of items on their server
  • Added a server setting to modify player damage
  • Admins can now use certain commands which are deactivated on the server (remove buildings on PvE server etc)
  • Added a new serer setting for BuildingDamageMultiplier
  • Fixed some cheat commands not requiring admin
  • ServerSettings window now shows local time on server
Server browser
  • Made gui functionality and filter for servers where VAC is disabled
  • Various usability improvements to the server browser
  • Various fixes to how server settings are set on server and read on client.
  • This should fix the server settings showing wrong on server list.
General Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Chat window should now scroll properly
  • Newly added keybindings or redefined keybindings should now update and save correctly
  • Sloped roof should now be easier to place out when building
  • Fixed a case where logging out with fists equipped would break the character and require a game restart.
  • Weapon armor penetration value can now be seen on the inventory screen
  • Armor knockback resistance value can now be seen on the inventory screen
  • Fixed a case of thralls not having the correct visuals
  • Female characters have stopped taking testosterone and should now sound like females
  • Fixed thralls having collision when attempting to place them out
  • Fixed a case of mass-squint eye sickness on male NPCs
  • Chipping rocks on dedicate servers should now look visually correct
  • Thralls can no longer be reclaimed when dying
  • Black rocks in starting desert area now have correct collision
  • Added knockbacks to Elephants
  • Added knockback to Ostrich
  • Added knockback for Dragons
  • Projectile hits should now correctly trigger when colliding with the ground
  • Dust button should set time of day correctly in the Admin Panel
  • NPCs can no longer walk into water when stepping back from player
  • Added knockback anims and montages for dragon
  • Floating npc at start with Bat Demon
  • Fixed bonfire cook thralls becoming invisible after server restart
Balance and Gameplay fixes
  • T2 and T3 fence foundations now properly respect collision rules
  • It is no longer possible to walk on the water in the northern rivers
  • You can now place religion structures in local play
  • Added stronger hit confirm to arrow hits, both to object hit and to crosshair
  • Crossbows should now fire consistently
  • Characters will no longer become unplayable and require a restart if knocked back during the Surrender emote
  • Fixed player bodies not being lootable under water
  • Shields should last longer in combat
  • Fixed a case where javelin/spear will not throw until second attempt
  • Tweaked throwing weapon trajectories
  • Inventory items will no longer disappear when swapping the last item in a lootbag and the player inventory.
  • EXPLOIT FIX: Fixed a case where you could respawn inside rocks
  • EXPLOIT FIX: Fixed the rock-jump exploit
Visual Improvements
  • Fixed various floating assets
  • Fixed problems with geometry LODs for certain assets
  • Optimized various art assets to improve performance
  • Various fixes to player armor
  • Fixed issues with stretching female hairstyles
  • Hyenas should now become visibly bloody when hurt in combat
  • Updated physics sand mask to fix visual glitches
Text and Localization
  • Polish characters are now supported on the item action buttons in the inventory
Known Issues
  • Changing server password requires restart to take effect

The update (03.14.17) has already been released on the PC and is available for both the client and the game servers.

How do you feel about this patch? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Steam

Mar 16th, 02:30 am
Matthew Wiebke
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