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CS: GO - New Maps Datamined

After more than a year since the last Operation in CS: GO, we now have confirmation for some new maps! They have not been announced directly by Valve, but the photos were hidden in the game files.

The Operations in CS: GO have always been a great event for fans of competitive shooters. Typically, this is because we get new maps, but it has been over a year since our last Operation, and players have been waiting for an announcement that has yet to arrive. A reddit user by the name of "KordGamer" has datamined some new images for us of the new maps! The next CS: GO Operation will contain the following seven maps:

CS:GO de_Thrill: Wundergarten park has been taken over by terrorists!
CS:GO cs_Agency: Stakes are high when a hostage situation arises in a downtown skyscraper.
CS:GO de_Shipped: This time the pirates just want to sink the damn vessel.
CS:GO de_Lite: Terrorist have targeted an Oil Refinery in the USA.
CS:GO de_Blackgold: Designed as a tight, fast paced defuse map.
CS:GO de_Austria: A bomb defuse map set in a snowy Austrian village.
CS:GO cs_Insertion: Large open map where CTs choose insertion points.

There is still not yet an official release date for the new maps, including the corresponding Operation. We'll keep everyone posted, of course! You can get your own CS: GO Server here, to get in on the action in preparation for the new Operation!

What do you think about the new maps? Which one looks like your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


Mar 19th, 01:19 am
Matthew Wiebke
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