Community Tournament! - P0k3r's Ultimate Survival Mod!

Announcing a fantastic new mod and tournament for ARK: Survival Evolved! - P0k3r's Ultimate Survival Mod!

Hey survivors! today launches a new mod for ARK: Survival Evolved offering gameplay similar to Battle Royal, Survival of the Fittest, and more! Dragonpunks Community will host tournaments to play in offering 2,000$ in prizes! The ultimate survival mod has qualifying matches starting in November. The tournament is open to anyone who owns ARK for PC.

Sounds interesting, but how does it work and what does this mod do?!

You start out with the bare essentials needed to survive! You receive cloth armor, a bow, a torch, and a metal pick. You also receive a blueprint so that you can craft more arrows as you go. There is nothing to build, you don't get hungry or thirsty. The only things you need to craft are arrows and healing brew. Make your way to the center of the objective before the shield shrinks and kills you. You can find loot in dead dinos, supply crates and special loot crates that randomly spawn in your vicinity. The goal is to be the last one standing. When you win, you ascend as a glorious beam of light accompanied by fireworks!

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You can use this game mode with or without dinos as the mod offers numerous configuration settings. All mod settings are handled via an admin only user interface:
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If you wish to play or download this mod head over to the steam workshop here: P0k3r's Ultimate Survival Mod

Here are instructions on how to install mods to your Nitrado ARK server: How to Install mods


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Oct 31 2017, 07:56 pm
Zachary Smith
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