Minecraft 1.16! Nether World Update

Into the Nether we go! Update 1.16 for Minecraft is here

Greetings! The firey depths known as The Nether has received a major update! Explore four new Nether biomes, gather new resources, and battle your way through Hoglins and Piglins. The Nether Update is now available on Nitrado servers! Learn more about Update 1.16 below.

Update 1.16 Details

One of the deadliest destinations in Minecraft has a bunch of new additions. Featuring new biomes to new mobs, new resources and blocks to use, there are so many new features, changes, and fixes to mention. We have gathered some of the main features to expect and we have provided links to the full changelog. Set out on a new adventure in a familiar place! The Nether is waiting.

Main Features:

  • Discover Netherite
  • Battle or Barter with Piglins
  • Avoid Hoglins, or hunt them down
  • The new target Block - Spice up your Redstone contraptions with this new block.
  • Four new Nether biomes including: The Crimson Forest, The Warped Forest, Soulsand Valley, and The Basalt Deltas
  • Bastion Remnants tower the wasteland, filled with dangerous mobs and valuable resources

Update 1.16 full patch notes:

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Jun 25, 08:12 am
Zachary Smith
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