Nitrado - Highlighted Features: Two-Factor Authentication

Nitrado - Keeping your Account safe with Two-Factor Authentication

Greetings! As a highlighted feature this month, we will go over Two-Factor Authentication, and how to apply it to your Nitrado account. Add another simple step to the login process to help ward off intruders that intend ill will. What sounds a bit confusing at first may be explained quite simply, Let's get started.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Here at Nitrado, we know the importance of account security. In times where more and more processes are digitized, the security of your data must not be neglected. With two-factor authentication, your Nitrado account stands behind additional protection with a security key or Authenticator App. This protects your account if your password gets stolen. An intruder would then need to steal your phone or U2F token to access the account. Here is how to set it up:

How to Set it up?

You will set up the Two-Factor Authentication in the "My Account" Page on Click: Control Two-Factor Authentication:

Two-factor authentication requires an additional security token on login. This token is either generated by an app on your phone (Google Authenticator) or a hardware security token (U2F). You are allowed to add both options to your account:

  • Scan the QR code with the Google Authenticator App then input the code displayed on our website to use your mobile device as a two-factor device on your account.
  • Insert the U2F security key and press the button to add your U2F key to your account.

Additional Help

Need Additional Instructions on setting up your Two-Factor Authentication? Check out this Helpful Wiki Article:

Keeping your Account Safe

As we have gone over, keeping your account safe is important. Here are some suggestions to help improve the security of your account:

  • Never stay logged in
  • Do not give any login data to the support. Support never asks for login data, only a USER ID
  • Add Two-Factor Authentication
  • Never share the Username and Password of your account
  • Add personal information in the "My Account" page(Select Edit User)
  • Change passwords frequently
  • If you are using the Two-factor authentication we recommend to enter your valid mobile phone number. If a number has been added to your account we will send you an SMS instead of an e-mail for the account recovery

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