The Sky Noon Development RoadMap is here, a look into the Future of Sky Noon

Sky Noon - Development RoadMap! Details for the coming versions

Howdy Yall! Last week was an exciting week with Sky Noon finally out in Steam Early Access! There have been so many positive reactions and support from the community. With the games unique fast-paced gameplay, it is surely a hit. In a recent post, the developers over at Lunar Rooster walk us through their development plans for the future.

The team at Lunar Rooster believes in being completely transparent with the evolution of the game as an Early Access title. The Early Access is expected to last a maximum of 6 to 8 months. Along the way, many changes and additions will come to the game. Here is a look at what you can expect for the development in the coming versions:

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A new makeover for Jaz and Steve will be coming soon! With the new progression system, various outfits and items will help you dress up and customize your characters. The developers have hinted at the possibilities of seeing new characters added at a later time, the details on this are still in the works. Nonetheless, you will see a nice variety of appealing cosmetics you will want to work for.


Sky Noon will be receiving different themes, obstacles, and other modes to keep gameplay unique. Although another has yet been confirmed officially, here are some Map additions you can most likely expect in the future of Sky Noon:

  • Damaged and fractured landmass with little to stand on
  • Snowed over environments, perhaps with some slippery iced surfaces
  • A Cartel fortress, rough and scrappy yet functional
  • And more! Feel free to offer your ideas. Your suggestions could inspire the next map (We are keen on the windmills idea)

Coming Features

Below we have listed some features that you can look forward to with the coming versions of Sky Noon. If you want more detail, head over to the Development Roadmap over on Steam! Here are more Features to look forward to with Sky Noon.


  • Duels - A true Western experience – standoffs at Noon.
  • Brawls - Brawls will be a mixture of polished custom game rules or even completely different from the usual Sky Noon experience.
  • Progression and Expanded Customisation - Currency system and new ways to earn customization.
  • Bounties - Completing bounties might reward you with currency, special customization unlocks or just XP, depending on the tier of a bounty that you had completed.
  • Localisation - Striving to localize Sky Noon in many languages.
  • Accessibility - Keen to adding accessibility options to make Sky Noon enjoyable for as many people as possible.
  • Parties and Matchmaking - Parties and Matchmaking is not on the Roadmap above because it could slip in anywhere, or nowhere, based on demand.
  • Time Trials - New time trials will be coming, being much like the ones you see today at various levels of difficulty and length.
  • Weapons and Abilities - The developers want to add new weapons and abilities sometime in the future. However, they feel that the balance and diversity of the sandbox is in a good place for now.


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