YouTube Red - Season 2 of Scare PewDiePie Cancelled

The second season of the YouTube Red Series Original "Scare PewDiePie" has been officially canceled. Although the series was finished and set for release, it will not see the light of day on YouTube.

On YouTube, everyone should know the name PewDiePie. The largest YouTuber in the world with over 50 million subscribers, has made some decisions lately that are making him feel regret.

Over the years, he has developed and taken pleasure in a few new formats for his channel. He was on the front lines fighting against clickbait and other money-grab tactics, but even PewDiePie couldn't escape the changes that were the search algorithm changes. Although he's turned to this as a result of changes to the system, he's unfortunately seen himself on the same playing field as those he would claim to "oppose".

However, the recent events we are writing about stem from a different happening altogether. Disney and YouTube have severed their ties with PewDiePie. He has also been removed from the Google Preferred Advertising program, which typically reserves positions for YouTubers of his caliber. We're sure you're wondering why this has all happened. Recently, PewDiePie had included in a few of his videos some anti-Semitic content, which proved to be the tipping point with his business partners. Nobody likes to be associated with Nazis or right-wing extremism, even if it is your largest content creator.

In the midst of this conflict, we think about "Scare PewDiePie", the YouTube Red Series Original that YouTube invested their own resources in producing. YouTube has canceled the airing of Season 2. Anyone who was looking forward to this should find something else to be hyped about, because you won't be watching it, at least not on YouTube. This move will definitely hurt YouTube, as a big reason YouTube Red exists is for folks like PewDiePie.

This will hurt all parties involved, but it makes sense for a company like YouTube to want to cut those connections quickly. The most important thing to remember here is that PewDiePie isn't a Nazi or right-wing extremist. He has apologized to his audience in a new video and has expressed his regret. The videos with the questionable content have all been removed. While the fans appreciate the sentiment, hindsight is 20/20, and the companies do not care. He'll get to keep his channel, but all of his fun perks from YouTube and Google are gone. YouTube is in the market for a new poster boy.

How do you feel about these recent developments? You think the consequence is justified, or do you think Disney and YouTube have overreacted? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Verge

Feb 15 2017, 03:55 am
Matthew Wiebke
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