Get your DayZ (Xbox One) server from the Microsoft Store

DayZ (Xbox One) is a game for Xbox One or Windows 10. Servers for it can only be ordered through the Nitrado App on the Microsoft Store.

Rent a server for DayZ (Xbox)

Rent an extremely affordable game server for DayZ (Xbox) from the leading provider, Nitrado. Immediate activation, without a contract and without a minimum term! Full cost control through the prepaid system. The survival horror computer game DayZ by the Czech game developer Bohemia Interactive was released on December 13, 2018. The starting point is the fictional post-Soviet state Chernarus, which was infected by an unknown virus and turned the inhabitants into zombies. Players are among the few survivors who are immune to the virus and who struggle to survive against the infected. To do this, they have to search the wilderness unarmed and try to penetrate inland, where there are medicines, food, equipment, weapons and ammunition. They not only meet zombies, but also other survivors with whom they can ally. The players should act tactically and proactively, since there are also hostile players from whom you are attacked and robbed. The struggle for scarce resources also causes aggressive behavior among survivors and drives them to the margins of humanity.


Immediate access thanks to Nitrado's prepay system. Instantly online
No contract - no minimum terms
Switch between many available services at any time
Easy management of all services on a single account
Full cost control through Nitrado's prepay system


Immediate account charge via:
Account charge via bank transfer (credit entry after 2-3 work days)

Game Servers

ESL Premium certified game servers
World-wide 7 modern data centers available, for low pings across the whole world
Game switching: The active game can be changed for free at any time
MySQL database for free

Web Interface

Easy configuration of all important settings via mouse click
Other users can be granted access to manage the server together

Customer Service

Quick and competent support.
Convenient support via email - free and in 9 languages
Uncomplicated hotline in English and German, via Skype or landline at local phone rates
Constantly growing Nitradopedia
Community forums for exchange about questions and events


High-quality, fail-safe server hardware instead of cheap desktop components
Daily backup for game server files
Fast 500 Gbit connection in Frankfurt am Main
Direct Peerings with Deutsche Telekom, Unity Media/UPC, Telia Sonera, Tiscali and other big carriers
Links to DE-CIX, AMS-IX and LINX for good pings around the world
DayZ (Xbox)

Configuration and Teamspeak

Renting a personal Game Server from the market leader Nitrado has many advantages. With the prepaid system you can get started right away and have full cost control - without a contract and without a minimum term. All services are managed on one account and you can switch between many available services at any time. With the Voiceserver Teamspeak 3 you can also communicate within the clan or with your friends. Unlimited file transfer, the web interface and voice encryption are of course included. You can also rent Cloud Server and Webspace from Nitrado and have your desired Domains registered or taken over.