When renting your Last Oasis private server with Nitrado it is required get a game server registration key from https://myrealm.lastoasis.gg/ and put it into the Nitrado web interface in the User identifier input box. The MyRealm website requires a login with a Steam account that owns Last Oasis.

This means, in order to host your private server on Xbox (Crossplay with PC) you would need a copy of the game on a Steam account. It is planned to address this limitation for Xbox players in the near future.

1. Pick offer
2. Data Center
3. Configure
4. Sign up
5. Charge account
6. Order confirmation
7. Installation

Small Server

Space for 4 players
A 3 Days term, renewable at any time
Up to 5 games can be installed, over 100 games in the cloud

Medium Server

Space for 4 players
A 30 Days term, renewable at any time
Up to 5 games can be installed, over 100 games in the cloud

Big Server

Space for 6 players
A 30 Days term, renewable at any time
Up to 5 games can be installed, over 100 games in the cloud


4 to 200 players
Individual runtime
Scalable RAM for Minecraft and other games

Hosting location:


4 to 200 players
Individual runtime
Scalable RAM for Minecraft and other games



Limited games to choose from.


All games available, including Minecraft and Battlefield 3, 4, and Hardline


Specifically for ESL league wars and highest performance for CS 1.6, CS:S and CS:GO. All games available.

Hosting location

Slots determine the maximum number of players that can connect to the server at once.


When using many Plugins or a big map, additional RAM can improve performance and prevent crashes. An upgrade or downgrade is possible at any time. The RAM is exclusively picked for all Minecraft games. In most cases, the default RAM is completely sufficient.


Ordering this option increases storage space for mods from 250 Megabyte to 25 Gigabyte. It also grants FTP access to upload mods. Recommended for anyone who wants to use mods on their server.

Publicserver 144 Slots - 30 Tage 160,00 €

Hosting location: (Change)

Hosting location: (Change)

Vintage Story server rental

Start empty-handed and learn to survive through foraging, hunting, crafting, and fighting. Start the Stone Age by working primitive stone tools and shaping clay for important pottery. Make further progress by using copper for more powerful tools, making bronze alloys, learning how to work iron, and finally automating general operations.

Enter a huge open-world populated by a number of cute, strange, dangerous and terrible creatures. Vintage Story uses a high level of process engineering to create an immense variety of landscapes, climatic conditions and geological features so that the exploration always remains exciting and exciting.

Slip into the role of a lost being in the body of a large blue creature and discover the remains of civilization. There is no linear narrative - it is up to you to use the few evidence that remains to put together who you are and what happened. During your trip you will encounter moody creatures, you have to fight against temporary instability and endure temporary storms.

Vintage Story aims to make all crafting processes an engaging experience in the world. Both stone tools are made by breaking off individual pieces of stone, and pottery by using small pieces of clay. Robust tools can be cast with molten metal.

Every world you create is shaped by a great geological diversity. You will have some encounters, dozens of unique landforms, different layers of rock that house certain minerals. Areas that are rich, poor, or completely devoid of certain minerals, huge quartz veins that contain traces of silver, gold, also jugs and cracks in which large crystals can form. Rare crystallized versions of minerals, rare but huge salt domes that can be used as an effective food preservative.

Take care of your soil to grow healthy plants. Spend slow-release fertilizers and compost the old foods. Cook one of thousands of meals and take care of your nutritional needs. Build a basement for long-term food preservation. Beekeeping, farming, and raising cattle, but always remember to protect your farm from native wildlife that is always looking for a free meal.

Over 1000 blocks, multiplayer, WorldEdit tools, customizable worlds, easily modifiable, built from scratch with modding in mind. The standard survival modes are mods themselves, microblock chisels, immersive mouse mode, model editor and animator, playable on low-end hardware.


Immediate access thanks to Nitrado's prepay system. Instantly online
No contract - no minimum terms
Switch between many available services at any time
Easy management of all services on a single account
Full cost control through Nitrado's prepay system


Immediate account charge via:
Account charge via bank transfer (credit entry after 2-3 work days)

Game Servers

ESL Premium certified game servers
World-wide 7 modern data centers available, for low pings across the whole world
Game switching: The active game can be changed for free at any time
Full access via RCON, FTP and Nitrado's web interface
MySQL database for free

Web Interface

Easy configuration of all important settings via mouse click
For experts also unrestricted access to all configuration files
Upload files and mods uncomplicated and without additional software with the built-in File Browser
Direct access to your MySQL database via phpMyAdmin
Other users can be granted access to manage the server together

Customer Service

Quick and competent support.
Convenient support via email - free and in 9 languages
Uncomplicated hotline in English and German, via Skype or landline at local phone rates
Constantly growing Nitradopedia
Community forums for exchange about questions and events


High-quality, fail-safe server hardware instead of cheap desktop components
Daily backup for game server files
Fast 500 Gbit connection in Frankfurt am Main
Direct Peerings with Deutsche Telekom, Unity Media/UPC, Telia Sonera, Tiscali and other big carriers
Links to DE-CIX, AMS-IX and LINX for good pings around the world
Vintage Story
Pick offer

Cloud Server and Webspace

Nitrado is the market leader in Game Server and application hosting with a unique system that manages game servers and other hosting applications fully automatically and dynamically in a cloud using a complex process. To ensure low latency around the world, Nitrado operates in several "Tier 3" data centers worldwide. In addition, the company is in full possession of its hardware, using only server-quality hardware that has been specifically optimized for game servers. Nitrado is a direct partner of Intel and Supermicro, and not only has access to exactly the hardware components that are needed, but can even use next-generation hardware before it is publicly available. At Nitrado you can not only rent game servers, but also Cloud Server and Webspace.