Nitrado for Business

Let our experience be your success.

Nitrado for Business

Let our experience be your success.

What we do

Nitrado is a world-leading game server and application hosting provider. We are providing the infrastructure and expertise that turns great games into amazing multiplayer experiences. With more than 15 years of professional game server hosting experience, we are the first choice for game developers all across the industry, from small indie developers to AAA studios.

Our services encompass the provision of infrastructure in several data centers all across the globe, extensive network engineering and DDoS protection expertise, and experienced development teams to provide you with solutions tailored specifically to your projects and requirements.

We're more than just a provider. We're a partner you can trust. Let our experience be your success.

These are just some of the partners and games that rely on our infrastructure.

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Why you should choose Nitrado

Our Data Centers

Nitrado operates with wholly owned hardware in seven Tier 3 data centers across the globe. We offer 100% redundancy (e.g. a+b feeds for power supply). Our vast and heavily DDoS-protected network ensures stable connections and low latencies world-wide.

You need servers in even more locations? No problem! Our global partnerships with distributors and data center companies ensure that we will find a solution that fits your needs.

Custom Hardware

For perfect performance, off-the-shelf hardware configurations do not suffice. Game servers behave differently from other application types and need specialized solutions on dedicated hardware for a truly great experience.

If there's a hardware configuration you need, Nitrado can offer it. Due to our partnerships with several big distributors we are able to react quickly and can always provide you with hardware when you need it, where you need it.

We will help you find the perfect hardware solution for your project.
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Revolutionary DDoS Protection

Traditional approaches to DDoS mitigation and common heuristics regularly fail when applied to game traffic. Due to the nature of the underlying network protocols, effectively protecting game servers from DDoS attacks has been an unsolved problem – until now.

Nitrado combines its in-house network expertise and close collaboration with game developers to create solutions that solve the problem at its root instead of just treating the symptoms. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your game become truly resilient against any type of DDoS attack.

Close Collaboration

All of Nitrado's core software systems are developed and built in-house. You want to talk directly to the development team that will ensure the success of your game? With us, you can.

With 111 different games hosted at this very moment, our development teams have vast experience with hosting different game engines and frameworks. While also knowing common pitfalls in game server development, we can help you build the gaming experience you have envisioned for your players.

Nitrado Indie Boost

You're still in development and need server resources for testing? Or you simply want to try our services? Then the Nitrado Indie Boost Program is the right pick for you.

To support small and medium-sized studios in their endeavours, Nitrado offers completely free servers for testing and development. No strings attached. Get in touch with us to run your software in a production environment as early as possible.

Anything we haven't covered? Send us your questions!
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