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Exile Mod for ArmA 3 available!

ArmA 3 Exile Mod Gameserver mieten 

It is now possible to use the comfortable one-click-installation for the ArmA 3 modification “Exile”. This modification is available through the gameswitching option on every ArmA 3 gameserver.


Rent Exile Mod (ArmA 3) server


The open-world survival modification ”Exile” for ArmA 3 transports players to an island populated by criminals. Every offender in Europe has been exiled to this island. The convicts are thrown out, equipped with only a parachute, of a plame from above the island and are now left to themselves. The only thing that now counts is survival. To start, newbies should travel cautiously and gather resources, food, and weapons. Once enough equipment has been ammassed, it will possible to build shelters, conquer enemy territories, and fight for the reign of the island.


ARK: Survival Evolved gameserver available!

Rent ARK: Survival Evolved server

The new alpha game "ARK: Survival Evolved" can now be installed on your Nitrado Gameserver. The game can be installed (minimum 10 slots) on a "Publicserver" in the gameswitching.


Rent ARK: Survival Evolved server


ARK: Survival Evolved is about the survival as a team in a cruel, dinosaur covered, primeval island. Bases can be build on strategic logic points of the island, character stats increased and dinosaurs tamed to survive this PvP-Survival Shooter game.