39180.ALPHA - RP

Players 4 / 32
4.4 (13)

  • droopyballz Been with this server for over a year and plan to on stay for a long while love this server and it’s people.
    Itzjohn22 Excellent server great rules friendly traders admins police plenty of loot
    kuzmyczk Truly an amazing and memorable experience being apart of this server and its community. Will not disappoint.
    DonkeyHunter69 Best server as RP in ps4/5 also cool events woth helpful and active admin also it’s always high or medium with 52 slots so it’s amazing
    SmileyRDW i joined the server yesterday, and it has everything iam looking for, all round: its a great server and so much fun, by far my favourite
    Curlytopz4249 Joined yesterday and the admins went out of their way to make me feel at home! Defo recommend!
    IIDeadRageII If you are looking for an Rp server where you can talk to a large and different playerbase, have a clear set of rules, have a good trader system and simply one of the best experience you can find on Dayz don't look elsewhere because ALPHA is for you
    ugonegetgot Easily the greatest server I have been on. I've bounced around on a bunch of community servers, but ALPHA has become home. Amazing admins, a wonderful community, just an awesome server that has it all.
    SteakOfSalisbury This RP server has it all. Thriving economy, 6 towns in a safe zone with property ownership, active trader even political parties! Admins are active and responsive.
    GussJr Wow. Where do I begin? ALPHA is by far, the best DayZ server I have ever played on. The whole concept of ALPHA, made me love DayZ again. Brilliance.

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