2.ENDGAME OFFICIAL CHERNARUS (discord.gg/endgame-dayz)

Players 17 / 70
4.8 (141)

  • EvolCZ Hi pls login servers ? Chernarus 70 sloty PS4 ?
    Ninja74 muy bueno el server ma gusto le doy 5 estrllas xd
    Sandman191 Top server well run good pvp
    Vicentpires hello dah90 you can give me a types and spawn events files pls?
    dahl90 Thanks everyone!
    cHaMp_oF_cHaMp Excellent server and charming staff members. One of the best server I ever been on
    JamieeeG Easily the best ps4 out there , ran well and very smooth even when high pop
    bigfrontoleaf Best server great community!!!
    SEANOG1988 I have been on a lot of servers before this is hands-down the best with a good PVP community
    o_oJamie Cool server, manage to make my way to stary yar settlement, got a little trade done with em, very friendly chaps. :)
    Irish_Ghost_04 No one is doing it like ENDGAME, the moderators sre always helpfull
    Kilo64 Love the server
    uSmOkE Awesome server
    Korbyn Amazing server
    H20_AXW Great server, moderators are top quality
    Swifteyy Good server
    osh407 Amazing server lads keep it going
    Hoodieftp Best Server 5 Stars!
    862 Leshhgooo
    Scoobz_Doo Great server! Very well run
    Rakstis_subineje Best server i ever play:)
    camembert2guerre Perfect server, admin super effective
    Dlocker70 Great sever good community decent staff for the sever loads of different events to keep people playing pvp is really high give the sever a try
    samoeraizzwaard Real great server! already playing for 2 years and this server is really something else! Great work
    Keani Amazing Server! Great admins that are very helpful
    Cuantes Amazing server
    iDipZx Great server
    NextFrostyO Pretty hood server pvp is fun and high pop
    Headhunter9871 Great server.
    OLDSKOOL_NLD Good server and community!!!
    youmewe21 super fun server and loads of events. Highly recomended
    Fearless_Outlaw Very good server no toxicity fun to play
    Julimat96 Good comukity no toxic players
    Chapaz2k Good community no toxicity just banter and good combat
    Theawesomebanan Awesome server Nice peopel
    Kevinnn42000 Only new but server is great and its ran very well and professionally. Cant see myself changing servers anytime soon
    NeTrX Best server ever
    Rakandosri11 Good server
    LordMLOK Best server
    Scfrn Best
    Stunts1998 Best server ever love the trade system and love how good the server is
    XxJodiexox amazing server always high pop and great community
    Euroskalle No doubt best server on ps4, perfect balanced 👌
    Juniorgdo Amazing server, amazing staff and loads of pvp yellows best faction
    Kristofferheihei Good Server!!!!
    DG_Make_it_Wet Great server, hate those yellows though
    TheWorstPotato1 Amazing server, Amazing admin and mod team, fun events, would recommend to anyone
    Snipes1497 Great server I would 100% recomend to anyone
    Cloudxx Love i.
    aftamathgeneral Brilliant server run by the best admins

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