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  • NotTae If you are good at PvP, hit Chernarus Militia up on Discord. If you suck then get at Yellow Faction. xoxo
    Slyydog69 Great servers live this community they are one of the best to get along with and help when needed

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  • Welcome to BLACKOUT

    | 50x LOOT | 10x FOOD | 10x BUILDING LOOT |
    | 5x MILITARY LOOT | CARS with Gas+Water |
    | KOS Everywhere |

    Map: Chernarus 3PP

    Visit our Discord to see KILLFEED, SUPPORT TICKETS,
    CREATE A TEAM, ECONOMY, EVENTS. (discord.gg/blackout)

    Food 100% on zombies. Basebuilding in industrial
    areas. Medical supplies in hospitals/pharma.
    Meds and a gun in every car.

97. 99.