10.ANARCHY | Livonia | High Loot | Trader | Full Cars | Raid 24/7 | discord.gg/nCXtE47QKu

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  • Like a fine wine aged and cured to perfection ANARCHY has weather the storms of attrition and have become the refuge for the moral pvp player that has a zest for survival and strategy...

    ANARCHY's mission statement has always been "To create a server many would enjoy playing and to provide the most immersive experience in every facet the game offers.

    ANARCHY has evolved with changes in community atmosphere with 2.5 years of public relations experience and in its origins was a PVP/PVE server, now hosting a high population 50 slot 24/7 Raid Server with map wide Kos (Not mandatory but not unexpected.) You're free to play in your style. Fun for the Lonewolf even better for groups. With one safe zone and trader the loot economy is boosted just enough to get a player back on their feet and in flight. And with the high success rate under the current server model ANARCHY has proudly expanded to a Sister Server for Livonia, which was immediately populated with new and familiar faces hungry for a non toxic pit of skill in a 24/7 Raid environment.
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