17.DayZHP Role Play PS4 ~ https://invite.gg/dayzhp

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  • Thekingthatfell Can I join ?
    NoClutchFlexx666 how do i get whitelisted?
    NoClutchFlexx666 how do i join
    Reegan The best RP server around. Loads of fun
    joao_mag8 Great server, Great RP, i recommend this server to everyone that want to try a diferent side of DAYZ,. admins and mods are great and always great support to new players. i high recomend it. i hope to see you guys around
    MAM122 Great sever, would highly recommend for anybody who likes RP. Plenty of interesting and memorable encounters to be had.
    DrBokin Great RP I love it and I hope it stays here for a long time because this server and community is really awesome
    CommanderCanibal Great server love the RP
    DreamWalker00 Really great server. Amazing staff. Good rp.
    originalgxx Best RP server. Highly recommend. All the staff are dedicated
    sickshadow87 hands down the best sever and community out there, the coder is an artist, the admins are chill, the members are like family, Chernarus has never felt so beautiful and dangerous, it takes PvE and RP PvP to the next level, endless possibilities, medium/high
    VodkaCupcakesxx I have recently joined this server within the last week as I’m a streamer and really wanted to try something new. I was recommended by a friend and I can honestly say it’s the best change I’ve had. This server is amazing for interactions. I love it!
    Daddy_Dank1 Best server around
    AbsoluteMonster I've bin on there server for at least a month an its one of the best servers I bin on
    Chaostheory971 I've been on this server for a good while now. I've made alot of friends aswell as lots of memorable RP scenarios. If you like top quality RP then come and join the server. The admin team, are dedicated, thoughtful and the whole experience is tailored for players
    AE86folife First RP server ive ever been on and ive had nothing but a great experience it feels like one big family, the staff listens to peoples concerns and input and they put alot of thought, heart, and soul into making this server great, would highly recommend pe
    osureshot4l Most fire server ong 🧟‍♂️😈🏚🔥
    Rainy1125672723 I’ve been on this server for a year and have never been bored playing. This is the best rp you can get on ps4 and the community is always fun to hang around.
    Speilekorps Top quality nontoxic server managed by an imaginative team of admins for the players who want to explore the full potential of the game mechanics.
    Cardsrk6 This is a great server to play on, the admins are fair and always looking to keep the sever fun and active.
    DiGiRACK53 Always a good time on this server. It always has a great story line along with events for everyone to partake in. Highly recommended.
    Physiicz In my years of roleplay I have not come across a server as professional and as fun as this one. Well worth a try.
    XxRogueAzraelxX All i gotta say is I've been in this server for like a year & still haven't left. Pretty damn good if you ask me. Honestly can't find a better RP server than this. we got seasons & a staff that actually listens. Great experience. Hail Red Star
    basicallyr Let me say this about this server I give it a 4.5 because no server is perfect this a rp and has its ups and downs but it’s one of the best rp server I’ve been on.
    Daddy_Dank1 Best server in dayZ
    Fitzer4810 Great community to role play with. Such good ideas and compared to other servers the rules aren't as harsh. Very welcoming people. Admins try there best to meet our demands
    Xxdeaddice77xX Forsure top 3 servers on Dayz best to experience I’ve had on the game. Very respectful and mature community of players. Super helpful and patient admins that have the entire community involved. Brings a huge new environment to the game.
    NekoToguchi One of the better RP servers. Admins listen to their players. If your new, easy to find someone to help you out. Great energy & where I spend most of my freetime.
    Comingtonite Good server, good vibes, good people, good admins and overall a good experience.
    DankWoods42 in my opinion it doesnt matter if you're an experienced roleplayer or not, DayZ HP will always welcome you and make you feel at home. Everyone including the staff are awesome, the community is friendly and helpful. Would 100% recommend trying the server.
    Half.Tea Definitely one of the best rp experiences out there could not recommend this server enough!
    ashleybarmy69 Lots of interesting characters, well planned out events and currently a player driven government. Definitely worth checking out
    Kinz101 Been playing on Dayzhp for 6-7 months, met loads of good people during that time. Well established RP server
    ArchersOcelot Best server I've played on hands down
    hubermcmeme Have been playing on DHP for around 6 months now and I’ve had some of the best experiences on dayz because of it. With a dedicated staff team and wholesome community it is easily the best choice if you’re looking for an amazing rp server on PS4.
    Hickiey By far the best Roleplay community on the platform
    BallMeBro_DELETED_1 I took a break from DayZ for a while, and these guys are always innovating and optimizing their server and discord to the point that it makes you want to come back. This community is strong and its only getting stronger.
    BuffTitanium I have been a part of this server for the best part of half a year now and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. In my opinion this is the best DayZ role-playing community on the PS4 with an extremely friendly community and a dedicated staff team!
    Fear_vJsouth By far one of the best role play community’s out there!
    Kylooh Been part of DayZHP for a year now, can easily say it’s one of the best roleplay communities on PS4.
    Zirby0628 Best RP server ever for the PS4!!!♡♡♡

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