Conan Exiles - In arrivo per PC la Madre di tutte le Patch

Conan Exiles - La madre di tutte le patch! Aggiornamento Build per PC

Con il notevole feedback da parte della comunità di Conan Exiles, il test server è stato in grado di ottenere un numero sufficiente di utenti per il collaudo della nuova build in arrivo. La nuova versione include un elenco di correzioni e alcune funzioni importanti aggiunte o modificate nel gioco.

Con l'aggiunta delle icone per gli effetti dello stato dannoso, sopra le barre della salute del nemico, un'icona indicherà finalmente gli effetti attuali di stato applicati dalle armi. Ciò include le mosse finali come storpiare, indebolimento dell'armatura (Sunder) e sanguinamento. Potrete anche notare l'aggiunta di animazioni di minaccia per diversi animali per migliorare ulteriormente l'immersione. Man mano che ci si avvicinerà al mostro, inizieranno le animazioni. Tenete bene presente che si tratta di un lavoro ancora in corso.

Scopri le altre funzioni in evidenza e l'elenco delle correzioni apportate in Conan Exiles qui sotto!

Conan Exiles

Di seguito sono riportate alcune informazioni generali su ciò che ci si può aspettare da questo aggiornamento e dalla versione corrente:

General Highlights

  • Light Armor Journey bug is fixed! No, really, it is. Can we get a \o/
  • Added Detrimental Status effect icons above health-bars
  • The Clan Menu has been redesigned.
  • Fixed a case where corpses weren’t appearing upon launching the game.
  • Fixed an issue where your dead body would sometimes be invisible, even when standing right on the death marker.
  • Dying while offline will no longer respawn you in the desert with wrong hunger/thirst values.
  • The background image on the main menu has been changed to motion graphics.
  • Durability bars are now color coded depending on the item type.
  • Fixed a problem where players could sometimes be removed from the clan between logins.
  • Human NPCs no longer get stuck after throwing one javelin/orb.
  • You can now spawn in quest items using the admin panel.
  • Garden areas in the volcano zone now apply Noxious Gas debuff.
  • Adjusting the harvest amount multiplier no longer affects how many skeleton keys you receive from bosses.
  • Fixed a bug where humanoid NPCs (including skeletons) would do more damage on you in their first attack than any other attack.
  • Shields have been adjusted and provide much more armor.
  • Much facederp removed (Unique NPC’s should no longer look as if their mother and father were brother and sister)
  • You can now mute players using the Player List.
  • Crimson Lotus Powder can now be used in the grinder.
  • Put your hands together for Irniz of the Furnace who now remembers how to make Epic Flawless Zamorian armor.


Sono state così tante le correzioni per Conan Exiles che non abbiamo potuto elencarle tutte! Per un elenco completo, date pure un'occhiata al post La Madre di tutte le Patch su Steam. Qui di seguito troverete una lista delle note riguardo a correzioni di bug, miglioramenti delle Performance e Stabilità:

  • Fixed an issue where logging off after placing down a new building piece could result in an infinite loading loop
  • Various client crash fixes.
  • Optimized stamina code which improves server performance
  • Optimized spawn code to be more performant.
  • Modified update frequency for different actor types to improve server performance.
  • Fixed and issue with the carousel causing the game to crash.
  • Your game will no longer crash when rapidly clicking the Inventory and Visceral Camera shortcuts.
  • The game will no longer crash when certain keybindings are reset with either mouse or keyboard.
  • Crashing occurred previously after switching the camera from 1st person to vanity while flying with a selected placeable object.
  • Reduced update frequency for expensive physics functions to improve server performance.
  • Optimized camera state machine to reduce overhead on dedicated servers.
  • Functional Warpaints now properly decay over time.
  • Fixed a bug where dropping multiple items wouldn’t combine them into one big bag
  • Khitan building pieces can now be crafted from the quickbar/radial menu.
  • You can no longer activate Ansel from the main menu.
  • Placing an item on the ground will no longer trigger a basic attack animation.
  • Swimming through water no longer causes stamina drain. (?)
  • Destroying buildings on and around corpses now causes the corpses to react correctly to the physics.
  • Nudity level now updates instantly after changing it in the server settings.
  • Loot log now correctly shows items remaining when consuming food.
  • Player can no longer drop items through walls.
  • Fixed a problem where players could sometimes be removed from the clan between logins.
  • Fixed an issue that when pressing the crouch button in shallow water, your character would start swimming in the air over the water.
  • A loot chest previously spawned on top of a rock in Dustdevil Ridge.
  • Corrected some spelling errors for the Door Frame building parts.
  • Fixed an issue where if you placed anything but a weapon in the first slot of a weapon rack, the rest of the weapons would not be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where Ivory Horns had 0 HP upon placing.
  • The “spit emote” book is no longer located underground.
  • Insulated Wooden Frame Foundation no longer has the same model as Stonebrick Fence Foundation.
  • The sickle now correctly loses durability when you harvest plants.
  • Fixed an issue where only two master workstations can unlock “Create Master Workstation” Journey Step.
  • Stone throwing axes can now be crafted from your inventory.
  • You can no longer control your character during the ending cinematic and walk through the Cursed Wall.
  • Some of the green crystals could previously not be harvested in “The Passage”.
  • Fixed controls when climbing under a ceiling.
  • Brimstone can now be harvested with multi-tool.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not open a map upon exiting to the Main Menu when any Avatar is summoned and re-joining it.
  • Craft All button was previously inactive if you had resources for 1 or 10 items.
  • Fixed a case where using the Extended Leap perk would limit your interaction and attack ability.
  • Fixed a case where the trebuchet’s inventory could not be accessed.
  • Fixed an issue where bombs would roll and explode/damage both where they stop and where they started.
  • Added water volumes to the shallow water in the swamp tunnel.
  • When using a controller, there was an issue where you were no longer able to navigate the main menu if the wrong password was entered in.
  • You can no longer sit in a chair that someone else is already sitting in. Get a room, you two!
  • Adjusting the harvest amount multiplier no longer affects how many skeleton keys you receive from bosses.
  • Exceptional Nordheimer Armors recipes no longer missing from armorer’s bench with a tier 3 Nordheimer armorer attached.
  • Fixed a bug where an NPC would attack a player sitting on a chair, but the chair would be destroyed leaving you stuck in a sitting emote.
  • Black Ice pickaxe showed wrong requirements in the UI.
  • It was previously very easy to destroy mini-boss loot chests by accident and not get the rewards.
  • Armors are now set up with the right descriptors (Some had the wrong one, claiming armors were Low Grade or Mid Grade while they were in fact High Grade, etc).
  • Fixed a bug where you could join a server from the main menu if it was previously highlighted.
  • Fixed a bug where the letter in The Unnamed City instantly closed.
  • Dragonbone items’ claimed that dragons do not breathe fire, though the Red Dragon clearly does. The text has been changed to reflect this.
  • It was previously possible to use a shield with Dragonbone Spear, Maul and Two-handed Sword.
  • It was previously possible to shoot at the Abyssal Remnant without activating the boss.
  • Spikes no longer have 0 HP upon placing.
  • Fixed an issue where “Get Dedicated Weapon” achievement would not trigger in all localizations.
  • Dye would previously not work on radium gem wall torch.
  • Most weapon-recipes now grant the “Craft Weapon” journeystep instead of only select primitive weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where Avatar heads (Mitra, Derketo) got stuck looking sideways at random directions.
  • Maximum encumbrance value does now updates correctly after resetting all attributes while the Attributes menu is open.
  • Fixed a bug where no religion name would show in character creation.
  • Fixed an issue where your Skeleton Key would be consumed every time you interacted with a Legendary Chest, whether it was opening OR closing.
  • You can now die from jumping into the lava pools in the volcano dungeon.
  • No longer possible to block hits with a building brush anymore.
Currently Known Issues
  • Blood stains on your character do not go away (being fixed)
  • You cannot place the small well on the ground (being fixed)
  • Khitai DLC items only display in English text
  • DLC main menu GUI widget is hidden
  • Some of the NPCs you approach will sometimes not aggro or attack you, they will attack you as soon as you attack them


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