DARCO Reign of Elements - Grandi Aggiornamenti! Miglioramenti, Potenziamenti, e La Nuova Dungeon

DARCO - Aggiornamenti "Caccia ai Bug"! Esplora l'Oscurità nella Nuova Dungeon

Durante la vostra caccia alle bestie, gli sviluppatori sono stati molto impegnati alla ricerca dei bug. Con l'obiettivo di bilanciare, migliorare e correggere i problemi del gioco, DARCO si trova in una fase molto più stabile.

Dai miglioramenti alle bestie nel mondo alle correzioni di bug fastidiosi, questi aggiornamenti sono stati un bel miglioramento! Quando entrerete per la prima volta in DARCO, muovete i primi passi, combattete, raccogliete o semplicemente giocate con il vostro simpatico drago. Noterete immediatamente le differenze. Anche le prestazioni dei server sono state migliorate con questo aggiornamento. Ci sono molti meno stuttering e picchi di lag al fine di offrire un gameplay più fluido. E' giunto il momento di crescere il tuo drago e stabilire un punto d'appoggio in DARCO! Scopri la moltitudine di cambiamenti qui sotto, o semplicemente provali tu stesso.

Nuova Dungeon!

Nel mondo di DARCO ci sono stati sussurri di una nuova segreta: "Una torcia può portare luce nell' oscurità". Meccanici prendete posto e preparatevi per l'avventura futura. Procedete con cautela e fate attenzione all'oscurità!

Le grandi meraviglie attendono! Acquista DARCO: Reign of Elements su Steam Oggi Stesso!


Ecco la lista completa dei recenti miglioramenti apportati in Darco


  • Mostly low and mid level beasts on the ship
  • Low level beasts don't deal enough damage for one hits anymore
  • New Items: small and big medikit
  • New Items: grilled mushrooms
  • Changed recipe: Arrow no longer needs mosquito sting
  • Added epic items
  • Work benches tiers include prior tiers


  • Server performance should be a lot better now, less lag spikes
  • Creating new crew windows will select the 'Type your Crew Name here' Text, so players don't have to manually delete it
  • Inviting players that can't join will send a message with reason to the inviting player
  • New alligator mesh and texture
  • Added grid to map
  • Construction elements will refresh much faster
  • Roof interaction zone scaled up
  • Added death markerBecause of the Stats issue and the storage save game changes, we had to wipe the save games on the official servers.
  • Dropping more than one items in a row will add those items to the same loot box (not spawning dozens of loot boxes anymore)
  • Moon and sun move much smoother now
  • Fish shows when it dies now
  • Admin: god mode protects dragon from damage, too
  • Bigger animation box for outgrown dragon
  • Show all ammunition of the selected weapon in the hotbar slot of said weapon

Fixed Issues:

  • New Character did not create players stats (Health, Stamina, etc.) This wont happen again.
    If the issue is not fixed on your next login and the bars in the top left corner are empty, then please open the console with Tab and type "ce ForceNewCharacter"mined scrap piles did not display their status if you were not around when it was mined
  • Stats were reset on relog, except for the spent skill points, those were given back.
  • Dragon Weight did not reset on respawn, weight would not decrease on dragon dead
  • Bed Confirm Button did not work and selected beds were never unselected
  • Player respawn cound down was sometimes not triggered
  • Unstruck command was not reliable
  • Learning deadlock after using the learning widget
  • Was not possible to use double click or right click to move items from inventory to the chopping block
  • Sounds and Attenuation revised
  • Removed empty chests from the map
  • All red keys need a key now
  • Roof limited Tower level one too early
  • Loading construction system was faulty, we built a new one, no more red construction elements
  • Dragon Stats sometimes went missing on relog
  • Picked herbs respawned on re log
  • In some waters, the post-processing volume was too high, showing underwater effects over the surface
  • Empty loot boxes did respawn on the next try to open it, not when empty
  • Selected hotbar items duplicated on player death
  • Weight was not recalculated on every needed occasion
  • Crew ID was not set on all the actors when joining a crew
  • Scrap pile had no audio feedback on a hit
  • Chat did not work when intractable was selected
  • Could not equip armor after player death
  • Some doors did not show a correct state after re log
  • Keybinding did not effect movement of dragon
  • Health points of construction elements did not show up on interaction text
  • Dragon switched to roam after dismounting dragon
  • Experience bar lagged behind inventory
  • Dragon did not receive the new gained level under very rare conditions
  • Torch animation should look the same in first and third animation now
  • Beasts did not respawn correctly
  • Slingshot added to common damage calculations


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