Space Engineers - Il Major Update  1.186.0 è Arrivato!

Salve ingegneri! Il Major update, 1.186.0 per Space Engineers è arrivato e porta con sé un gran numero di modifiche, fix e miglioramenti. Una massiccia revisione incentrata sulla grafica, audio e ruote. In questo aggiornamento certo non mancano dei miglioramenti infatti gli sviluppatori hanno migliorato ancor di più l'anima di Space Engineers. Del resto, stiamo parlando soltanto di oltre 70 fix ed ottimizzazioni! Non scordatevi di dare un'occhiata all'elenco completo dei cambiamenti qui di seguito.

Per conoscere meglio tutti i dettagli ed avere esempi sui cambiamenti grafici apportati in questo aggiornamento, fate un salto sul blog di Marek e leggete il post.

Ecco il video che mette in risalto i cambiamenti e miglioramenti apportati a Space Engineers:

Come sempre, vi riportiamo qui la lista completa dei cambiamenti e fix di questo importante aggiornamento:

Cambiamenti e Fix:


  • Added high dynamic range rendering
  • Added eye adaptation
  • Added new post-processing effects
  • Added support for NVIDIA Ansel technology
  • Added depth-buffer clipping avoidance (when you get close to an obstacle, your tool or weapon won’t be clipping through it)
  • Added debris to explosions
  • Added block explosions
  • Added camera shake effects
  • Added extreme quality for voxels and models (not intended for real-time gameplay)
  • Reworked all particle effects from scratch
  • Improved tone mapping and bloom
  • Improved global illumination
  • Improved glass appearance(window blocks, cockpits)
  • Improved point and spot light attenuation
  • Improved and polished character animations, stabilized holding and using tools, movement cool down animation
  • Improved GPU particle system
  • Changed armor edges visual (small and large)
  • Added new Skybox (you can find the old skybox here:
  • Changed suit headlight glare, dust cone, light settings
  • Fixed blocks coloring to work the same as in original Space Engineers
  • Fixed bullet hit decals/bullet holes
  • Fixed 3D Models: cockpit chairs, “under construction” blocks, driller head metal material, astronaut boots with proper stripe for magnetic effect and many more


  • New wheel static friction simulation (wheels will maintain expected path in turns, no more sideways sliding)
  • Changes in Terminal Screen (removed number of unused/obsolete wheel/suspension settings - the game takes care of the details, tuned the default settings)
  • Modified contact point response for wheels (no more wild voxel bounce-off and sliding)
  • Adaptive steering (steering angle and speed are automatically adjusted based on car speed at the moment)
  • Dynamic center of mass for vehicles (virtual center of mass for Wheel-Suspension interaction is adjusted to further improve car behavior)
  • Air shock suspensions (jumping vehicles will extend and strengthen suspension in mid air to better absorb the shock impact upon landing and prevent damage of the chassis)
  • Added suspension jumping feature (when your off-road adventure gets you into rough terrain and your car can’t get out of it (wheels are spinning, the car sits on its belly) - press X and the car will make a small or large jump. Wheels need to be in contact with ground. The car is using the suspension springs to quickly push itself up.)
  • Tweaked acceleration/deceleration/stopping/braking
  • Mass of a vehicle influences its inertia - e.g. heavier vehicles continue moving forward with more energy than lighter ones when left unattended with no braking force applied to them
  • Physics surface materials (voxel materials now have real physical properties like friction and restitution based on surface type)
  • Fixed multiplayer support for wheels
  • Increased robustness and endurance of wheel and suspension blocks - so they don’t break after jumps


  • Faster walk/run/sprint for astronaut
  • Faster jetpack acceleration and deceleration
  • Rifle is more precise now
  • Changed gravity behavior for the character
  • Doors open/close faster
  • New conveyor system overload state - when your grid is in power overload, you will see new yellow color on conveyor tubes


  • Small and large ship sounds - emphasizing feel of accelerating by adding additional sounds
  • HUD voices re-enabled (e.g. “low energy” warning)
  • Footsteps tweaked for new speed of character movement. It also supports different ground materials (ice, rocks, metal, glass). Now you should hear and feel when you are running.
  • Footsteps sound also start sooner
  • Character landing/fall sounds are now more prominent, you should really feel it, this is very important for immersion and different surface materials
  • Polished where the sound listener object resides - before it was sometimes in the camera and sometimes in the center of a ship. Now it's always in the camera and the only exception is when you are piloting a large ship from the cockpit - listener is in camera, but you will also hear sound of the ship.
  • New sound when your character dies - very subtle, but giving you important feedback
  • Magnetic boots, on/off sound, different materials, you should really feel how they stick you to the surface
  • Character jumping sound - emphasizing the rubbing of textile, making the jumping more satisfying
  • Ships colliding and crashing (and sliding and scratching)
  • Small ship cockpit - enter/leave sound - now has heavier sound, feels rewarding. You just want to keep entering a
  • leaving the ship.
  • Bullet impact on rocks has the standard wild west "pew" sound as it had in all our games. Must “hear” feature!
  • Max sound instances - The game is prioritizing sounds by distance and slowly turn off less relevant sounds. It is difficult to notice, but it helps with realism.
  • Distance to sound source - this is an older feature but it’s so awesome that I must mention it: when the distance between sound and listener increases over a certain threshold, you will hear it a bit muffled and with “long distance effect” applied on it. Awesome for gunshots, explosions, etc.
  • Jetpack sound tweaked
  • Tool sounds tweaked, better timing
  • Decreased default music volume to 50%, so you can hear the sound effects better - but you can also raise it back to 100% if you want
  • New sounds for doors
  • New destruction sounds for some blocks
  • New sound for brakes (key P)
  • New sound for antenna (key O)
  • Doppler effect changes - you can turn off doppler effect in options, Sound Block is ignoring doppler effect and overall it was toned down
  • New Sensor sound


  • New Voxel generation engine (faster loading times - about 60% faster, instant changes/damage to voxels - more than 400% faster)
  • Turrets performance changed and tweaked
  • Loading priority for textures and models
  • Ore detector performance changes with better multithreading
  • Added Sync Distance to Dedicated Server settings
  • Optimized simulation speed after splitting a grid
  • Optimized simulation speed with multiple missiles and Gatling gun turrets being used
  • Optimized updating of Upgrade Module


  • Official Russian translation
  • Horizontal scrollbar for multiline text area
  • Changes to color palette UI (real HSV values, new design, help)
  • Time of the day slider in Admin tools (works in multiplayer too)
  • Auto focus for search input field in control panel
  • LCD highlight changes
  • New search box in load screen
  • Added alignment feature to LCD
  • Changes and fixes for the terminal UI

Modding/Scripting API Breaking Changes

  • IMyGasTank.FilledRatio was changed to double type
  • Terminal properties and actions for IMyMotorSuspension.Damping, SteerSpeed, SteerReturnSpeed, SuspensionTravel were removed (Corresponding C# interface properties were marked as obsolete and will be removed later)
  • Changes in particles for weapons and tools
  • Changes in glass shader can break some mods using transparent materials


  • Fixed crash of DS when setting same block twice in block limits
  • Fixed a crash when joining a multiplayer game through Steam UI
  • Fixed a crash when joining a multiplayer game through Friends invite
  • Fixed an issue where newly created grids are sent to all players on server regardless their distance to the grid
  • Fixed Heavy Armor's durability during collisions
  • Fixed conveyor system updating
  • Fixed conveyor system becoming nonfunctional when joining a dedicated server
  • Fixed "T" key (automatic block rotation) state of persistence
  • Fixed changes done by Voxel hand propagating to newly added asteroids on DS Reduced chance of drilled boulders rotating in gravity on DS
  • Fixed an issue where big grids pasted as subparts appeared out of position while pasting it
  • Fixed pasting of blueprints while moving
  • Fixed a possibility to build diagonally connected grids by copy/paste in high velocity
  • Fixed placement offset on moving grids causing overlapping of blocks
  • Fixed inability to weld projected blueprints at short distances
  • Fixed parts of blocks sometimes being visually present after their destruction
  • Fixed ships accidentally becoming stations by merging to and unmerging from stations
  • Fixed hand drill animation for secondary drilling mode (Right Mouse Button)
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior when joining a faction from inside and outside of a cockpit
  • Fixed assembler pulling more components than necessary
  • Fixed engineer floating above the seat inside the fighter cockpit
  • Fixed gameplay timer issue, timer is more precise now
  • Fixed forced first person view while drilling
  • Fixed misaligned third person view when moving on high velocity grids
  • Fixed missing windows when forced to first person view in cockpits
  • Fixed not zooming out when being forced out of ironsights by sprinting
  • Fixed camera clipping through the player character in tight spaces
  • Fixed clipping through planet voxel for player and grid
  • Fixed blinking grass
  • Fixed smoke clouds changing color
  • Fixed thruster effects persisting in the world after switching thrusters off
  • Fixed particles behaving erratically in high gravity
  • Fixed cone of light disappearing when source of light is out of view
  • Fixed an issue with space dust being rendered to close to the camera
  • Fixed muzzle flash of gatling turret disappearing at certain angles
  • Fixed centering of text on LCDs in campaign
  • Improved text wrapping at block’s detailed info
  • Fixed in-game screenshots to display all GUI elements properly
  • Fixed position of loading screen wheel
  • Fixed overflowing text in control panel
  • Fixed multiple textboxes not being able to be scrolled to right and added scroll-bar
  • Adjusted GUI formatting
  • Fixed border in server description text field
  • Fixed Curved Conveyor Tube LOD
  • Fixed Sensor LODs
  • Fixed Remote control visual for distant LOD
  • Fixed cracking sound when exiting game to main menu
  • Fixed an issue where some sounds were missing after reload
  • Fixed sounds of jumping and falling not being played every time
  • Fixed Jump Drive sound synchronization
  • Fixed lift made from piston, no more jumping on platform

Fixes (Player Reports):

  • Fixed applying moddable content file attribute to VoxelMapStorageDefinition
  • Fixed expanding pool for AddTriangleBillboard method
  • Fixed gamelogic updates on Programmable Block
  • Fixed turrets shooting already dead targets
  • Fixed updating of kinematic RB position for space ball causing unexpected behavior of space ball in some cases
  • Fixed O2/H2 Generators not pulling ice through conveyor system
  • Fixed wheels properties not being properly replicated for copy/pasted vehicles
  • Fixed resetting of friction when copying grid with suspension
  • Fixed an issue where wheel suspensions could caused grids to spin
  • Highly reduced unexpected forces affecting wheeled vehicles
  • Fixed placement boundaries when placing blocks above the voxel
  • Fixed inverted controls for vehicles where cockpit is positioned lower than suspensions
  • Fixed various text fields where text could overflow visual boundaries
  • Fixed resetting of UI volume after exiting a game to main menu
  • Fixed Timer Block LOD
  • Fixed doors leaving a gap when closed while opening
  • Fixed glass not being enlightened by artificial lights
  • Fixed UI sounds being set at maximum after reload of the game
  • Fixed issue with a sound of hangar doors being cut off if the block is turned off while playing it
  • Fixed bullet hitting sound of trees
  • Fixed sound block keeps silent when reaching its range




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