Stationeers - Movimento Personaggio, Tuta Pesante ed altro ancora

Movimento Personaggio, Tuta Pesante ed altro ancora nel nuovo aggiornamento di Stationeers

Ben ritrovati ingegneri! In questa settimana sono stati apportarti dei cambiamenti a nuovi e vecchi sistemi, ed alcuni totalmente rielaborati. La prima cosa che noterete aprendo Stationeers sarà il movimento del personaggio ed il terreno intorno a voi. Il generatore del terreno infatti ha subito un notevole cambiamento in questo aggiornamento. Tuttavia la cosa che i giocatori noteranno di più sarà sicuramente il movimento del personaggio, come descritto nelle recenti note della patch:

NOTA: Sono state apportate modifiche significative a diversi aspetti del sistema di movimento dei personaggi per rispondere alle richieste dei giocatori e risolvere alcuni problemi di fondo nel back-end. Se leggerete qualcosa in questo post riguardo il nuovo aggiornamento, allora leggete questo!

D'ora in poi il movimento del personaggio dovrebbe essere più stabile quando si trascinano oggetti. Gli oggetti trascinabili hanno infatti subito delle modifiche nei valori della massa. Anche il jetpack è stato rielaborato di alcuni valori ed è ora molto meno efficiente quando si vola a quote più elevate. Ciò renderà la quota massima durante il volo effettivamente più limitata. È inoltre possibile assegnare dei tasti per modificare i valori della spinta del jetpack.

Ricordate, i cambiamenti e le modifiche a venire potrebbero essere definitive o meno. Il team di sviluppo di Stationeers continuerà ad evolversi sulla base dei test interni e dal feedback degli utenti. Date un'occhiata ad alcune delle aggiunte e modifiche che ci sono state con questa nuova versione:


Tuta Pesante

Per soddisfare i cambiamenti in arrivo in Stationeers, la classica tuta spaziale è stata rinnovata! La tuta pesante ha la capacità di assorbire una velocità maggiore in caso di impatto. Per combattere le temperature e i climi estremi, questa tuta offre proprietà isolanti notevolmente migliori rispetto alla tuta standard. Ciò rende la Tuta Pesante un "must have" per tutte le avventure in climi più freddi.

Rotazione Intelligente

Posizionare tubi, cavi e scivoli ora sarà finalmente un po' più facile quando si deve ruotare l'oggetto. Avrete infatti la possibilità di ruotare usando il manager delle quantità. Ecco come:

  • Tieni premuto il tasto "Quantity Modifier" (predefinito C) e usa la rotellina del mouse per scorrere le diverse rotazioni in modo che corrispondano a tutte le connessioni valide circostanti per la variante che stai costruendo.


Per avere una lista completa dei cambiamenti e tutti i dettagli sulle aggiunte per questa patch date pure un'occhiata alle Note della patch su Steam. Qui di seguito vi abbiamo raccolto una lista delle nuove aggiunte contenute in questa versione:

Version 0.1.1496.7096 Additions:
  • Added recipe for 'hard suit' and 'hard suit helmet' to fabricator
  • Added Suit damage variation. Hardsuit absorbs far more damage on collisions than the normal suit. Uniforms also absorb damage. Players will take brute damage to their whole body after suit and uniform is destroyed
  • Added height efficiency scale for jetpack. Reduces effectiveness of the jetpack at high altitudes on worlds. Does not apply in space worlds. Does not apply in rooms (so rooms built at altitudes, the jetpack will work. This is done to reduce players travelling to extreme altitudes with the jetpack.
  • Added Trilight Ambient lighting settings for each world, scaled based on current solar strength. This means that nights will remain very dark, but during the day, there will be color specific ambient light in shadowed areas.
  • Added Configurable Voice Notifications. You can now enable/disable individual voice notifications in the Audio settings menu. These are saved with the rest of the game settings.
  • Added planet support to skyboxes. Europa now has Jupiter and the Moon has Earth.
  • Added solar energy scale. Different worlds will output different levels of solar energy, affecting the efficiency of solar panels and growing plants using sunlight.
  • Added planetary atmosphere changing depending on time of day. You're now able to define temperature curves in worldsettings.xml
  • Added path-based localization file parsing. This means all translation files no longer have to be located in the same folder, allowing translations to be included with mods or custom scenarios.
  • Added fall-back translations. Previously if the translation library for a particular language was missing an entry, that entry was replaced with an error string. It will now use the English version where the version for the current language setting is unavailable.
  • Added first pass of Hardsuit & Hardsuit Helmet. Exactly the same functions as the Spacesuit for now. Second pass will have more.
  • Added new world first pass, Europa.
  • Refactor Terrain Generation. The majority of the terrain generation system has been significantly re-worked resulting in vastly improved generation times and generation behaviour that makes it less obvious to the player. The range around the player in which 'chunks' are generated has been extended in all directions.
  • Updated the terrain shader to support secularity and set the appropriate values for each world type.
  • Readded allowing both radiative and convective heat transfer at the same time.
  • Refactor Character Movement. Important! Character movement when grounded has been moved from force based, to velocity based. This means that the character will no longer feel floaty when walking. When you push a direction to move, your character will move in that direction at the set speed, rather than applying a force in that direction.
  • Added JetPack Stabilizer on/off, includes optional binding to turn on and off.
  • Added two extra slots to JetPack.
  • Added optional keybindings for Suit pressure/temperature when worn in suit slot, and jetpack thrust up/down when in Backpack slot.
  • Added thrust interactables to Jetpack for changing thrust. Displays in the top status what current thrust is.
  • Added real world gravity settings for worlds. Now the moon and mars are set to their real world gravity settings. Room gravity will still be applied at as earth gravity. You character will "stick" to the world somewhat when moving, so you shouldn't fly off when running around the terrain so long as you are not going too fast.
  • Added Ambient Occlusion setting. This allows users to control the level of ambient occlusion provided by the game, if they are running the game on a lower-end computer they can set it lower. Previously the game has been defaulting to "ultra", the highest setting for ambient occlusion. AO helps make the flat color texturing of objects in stationeers "pop" and look much nicer.
  • Added category headings to controls assignment menu to provide more clarity.
  • Added HUD turning on while hovering over HUD scale, to allow you to better configure what HUD scale you want to set.
  • Added save window placement on exit. Now will reload with the window state when it was saved. Also saves which is the active hand, and what slot was selected with the current highlight.
  • Added support for all device button and key assignments to game controls. This will allow you to bind any buttons on your mouse to any of the controls. This includes gamepad buttons, however no axis support (yet).
  • Added conflict checking to controls scheme, and a window poping up to advise players when a conflict exists. This warning will show in the main menu screen when a conflict exists. Any conflicts in the controls scheme will show in the conflict assignment window itself in red.
  • Added first pass of new window based controls assignment. Now when you click a control assignment, it brings up a new window and prompts you to begin recording the new control. Second pass will include checking for duplicate assignments and prompting the player.
  • Added AtmosAnalyser will report if in a room or in world, to help with debugging.
  • Added hungerRate command to dedicated server RCON
  • Added tooltip information to furnace indicating furnace is not hot enough to melt provided item. Also provides information that activate button can be used to melt ice that is placed inside it.
  • Added first pass of mouse drag and drop from world. With mouse enabled (Left Alt), click and drag an object from the world to a slot. Currently Move, Insert, and Merge are supported. Swap is not supported yet.
  • Added Drag and Drop insert functionality. Able to insert items directly into some items just by dragging over the item. For example, dragging steel sheets directly onto a backpack in the backpack slot will allow you to insert the steel sheets directly into it, without the need to open it up.
  • Added Atmospheric Scattering for Mars world. This adds atmospheric scattered fog to the world, that varies with the daytime. Must be enabled in Video options. Disabled by default until performance impact assessed. Known issue: makes the sun very large.
  • Added Stacker wheel can now be set to a value directly with the labeller.
  • Added Road Flare will ignite Internal Atmosphere of its parent if in a slot, for example in a furnace.
  • Added Reagent Reader. This logic unit is able to read the current recipe, reagent contents, and required reagents for any manufacturing device and report the quantity for that reagent. Buildable off the Logic I/O kit.



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