The Forest - In uscita dall'Accesso Anticipato

The Forest - L'uscita dall'Accesso Anticipato e le note della patch v0.73

Salve ragazzi! The Forest finalmente ha in programma di uscire dall'accesso anticipato in Aprile! Troverete i dettagli per esteso su quali siano i piani in questo post di Rock Paper Shotgun.

Eccovi alcune parole dagli sviluppatori riguardo l'uscita che avverrà a breve:

Volevamo condividere i nostri piani riguardo l'uscita di The Forest dall'accesso anticipato e sull'uscita definitiva in versione v1.0. Miriamo ad una data di rilascio per la fine di Aprile. Avremo una data esatta quando saremo un po' più vicini a questo periodo. Al rilascio della v.10 il prezzo aumenterà da 14.99€ a 19.99€.

Questa patch della versione 0.73 include un nuovo sistema di raggruppamento delle icone. Esse saranno raggruppate insieme basandosi sulla distanza. Quelle partite che vedono un alto numero di edifici ed altrettanti in costruzione, saranno quelle che maggiormente ne beneficeranno. Vedrete inoltre molti fix della UI insieme a dei miglioramenti del gioco. Tutto questo viene accompagnato da un sacco di bug fix e modifiche. Abbiamo lasciato la lista completa dei cambiamenti qui sotto

Ricordate di fare la vostra parte e lasciare un feedback al gioco nella sezione delle Discussioni nell'Hub della Comunità

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Lista completa dei cambiamenti e fix per la V0.73:

V0.73 changelog:


  • Fixed dynamite going off automatically when added to catapult
  • Fixed caves not loading properly in some old save files
  • Fixed dynamite turning off in water breaking achievement for fishing with dynamite
  • Fixed issues with survival book not opening if player was briefly airborne when opening the book
  • Fixed camera jerkiness when moving while opening or closing the survival book
  • Fixed equip weapon animations looking wrong when cold
  • Player will now drop any held logs when sitting on a bench
  • Increased height of all tree trunk colliders
  • Fixed player able to pause game during loading screens and before plane crash cutscene
  • Fixed construction UI widget positioning being off for some structures
  • Flag and interaction icons are now hidden while using the log sled
  • Fixed dropped dynamite fuse lit in wrong place
  • Fix wrong scale on some dropped sticks
  • Fixed geese sometimes appearing to float above water
  • Fixed animation issues if taking heavy fall damage while aiming bow
  • Overlay icon grouping, finds icon clumps of same icon type and color by world position and groups it into a single one when far away
  • Caves – Updates and polish to Cave 5
  • Fixed end boss not appearing on fire for clients
  • Fixed issues with arrows not sticking into end boss
  • Rebalanced saplings to work better with machete versus other weapons
  • Fixed player flashlight not casting spec!
  • Arrows and spears can now pass through stick and bone fences
  • (Multiplayer) Bumped construction material count max synced value to 65k (from 2k)
  • (Multiplayer) Beanie is no longer available for character models that don’t fit (not retroactive)
  • Fixed one of the bone arrow views in inventory not visible
  • It is no longer possible to build things within the large raft pillars and stairs
  • Placing a ghost catapult now requires to have enough room behind for the player to use it
  • Fixed cloth on put out burning weapon not visible even though it can be relit
  • Fixed lighter not behaving properly (getting stashed) when relighting a burning weapon that was put out
  • Fixed sharks disappearing for clients when killed
  • Fixed turtles not dropping head trophies when skinned
  • (Multiplayer) Setup texture variations for the new cargo pants + fixed red paint & bloody textures
  • Fixed triggering the “Fire1” action (left click by default with a mouse) while holding the passenger manifest in inventory attempting to stash the manifest
  • Fixed L to light tutorial no longer visible after going in pause menu while in the hanging cutscene
  • Fixed missing remove all prompt when backpack is on the crafting mat to set quick select items
  • Fixed remaining issue with combining recurve bow & arrows to set the active bonus
  • Berries on bushes are now only visible when up close and not on the lod version of the models
  • Improved held and fill water skin animations
  • Fixed cooking head on fire missing eyeballs
  • Fixed some props falling out of beach huts on spawning
  • Fixed ghost target, ghost rabbit cage, bench using old mesh in ghost renders or old wood models in built versions
  • Fixed pot and other items from appearing in hand if picked up while eating meat
  • Fixed keycard disappearing sometimes when opening door in end game section
  • Fixed wrong weapon sometimes being equipped when opening keycard doors
  • Fixed happy birthday trap not requiring rope
  • Fixed some areas player could get stuck in sinkhole
  • Improved some shiny hair variations
  • Fixed birds sometimes landing on perch targets that have already been destroyed
  • Fixed enemies standing up after being killed and dropped from the noose trap
  • Fixed not able to equip lighter or light fires while holding a dead body
  • Fixed water splashes visible on other players while inside yacht
  • Fixed cases of building treehouses on dead trees, allowing players to climb down through world
  • Fixed upgraded stick’s cloth appearing off the stick when windy after the fire had been put out
  • Fixed flag cloth color not set automatically when completing a building
  • Fixed walking in and out of endgame entrance breaking lighting in caves
  • Added “group overlay icons” in gameplay options
  • Fixed player not able to pick up logs while airborne
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed end boss sometimes not spawning if client entered end game section alone
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed player able to look around in pause screen if hit by explosives
  • It is now possible to light burning weapons, molotov and dynamites while having the plastic torch equipped, it will now switch to lighter automatically
  • (Multiplayer) Attempting to join a full lobby now opens back the game browser automatically and displays a relevant error message
  • UI- updates to main menu save slots and difficulty screens




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