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  • harbingerr420 Great server with super friendly and helpful admin
    Darth_Magicfire Best server
    lynx_kilo This is a really fun server, one of the best for sure
    SOARBOSS My favorite server right now
    FateAwaitsUs Great server with friendly staff, would recommend
    Blooddevil66 Another great server that you can run around and mess around with your friends and just have fun us the trader is always there for you
    Darth_Magicfire Best server perfect balance pvppve
    Divi2920 Top Server!!!! Base raid only Weekend. There is a Trader so join and have fun☑️
    Johanfoo_DELETED_1 One of the best Livonia servers to base up at , traders really chill
    Jar2796 Been playing on the server for a month and have really been enjoying it out of all the livonia servers I've played its one if the most stable plus the people are great
    xSl33PYx Im still new to game but server fun and friendly
    badmanMENGHAM can honestly say the best livonia server on dayz even met so many friendly people that's helped even admin all i can say is thank you for the best server and so many hours off fun
    badmanWINDSOR Easily the best livonia server out there. I have lost track of reality because this server is so well ran and put together. The admin has done a great job with this server. It's perfect
    Itzzgeorge Amazing server, driendly players and a weekend raiding time really helps with not having to worry about being raided while at work during the week. Awesome map, awesome server and awesome people#
    Bigfry Best livonia server out there. Its the only one I play on. People help out when needed and the loot is more then enough. Every one should come join in on the fun.
    Kyz3rW0lf Can't complain. This sever has easily taken up most of my time and is slowly encroaching on my sleep too. With the introduction of metaverse, I might actually be able to live on it
    Bigfootlover1991 Love this server it's been my home server for awhile now!!
    yodee187hitman I play this server alot it so much fun lots of people to interact with
    grillbusta I dont normally play livonia but since this server came out I cant get enuff of it they did great job on balancing loot and good trader fun atmosphere you guy's rock keep it up

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