23.We That Remain - Role Play

  • MightBeAsian Amazing server, great people and incredible rp experiences, I promise yoiu'll never find a server like it. Everything you could ask for and more within an rp server!
    Armypunk123 It's a great immersive server love the role play amongst each other and are looking forward to Future updates and new members
    WhiteTyrone02 Great RP with being 1 of the only server to explore this type of RP with in dayz. Fun server and amazing fellow gamers.
    Devil_within_tex Awesome server
    Dwirt Such a fun server, everybody stays in character, you actually feel like your the one surviving and you have to make the decisions based on what's best for you to survive
    Clift1098 This is a Gucci Server
    TheCourier09 Great server, great people, great RP, nothing else you can ask for in this server, great staff team. A fine example on how an RP server should be ran. :D
    xXSamBXx123 Cool Server havent played a lot but after 1.08 launches im gonna playmor would be cool if there was a Livonia Server to.
    NaoOsamu We that remain is a very fun and active console roleplay server. Staff is active and make sure to keep thibgs in check, being reasonable all the while.
    xxctlegacy26xx 10/10 server would definitely recommend
    BerlinWallNeverFall We That Remain is an amazing server with a great staff team, founder and member's. With unique Roleplay and character's I recommend this server its a 10/10.
    IThtSheWas18 We That Remain is one of the most active and persistant console RP you can get, honestly, and there’s nothing better than active moderators to keep the RP in check, and make sure no one ruines others experience or break rules, give it a try
    Derpmatrix We That Remain is the best RP server on PS4 in my opinion. Providing tons of RP for every players preference. The server is also has the best staff team i have ever seen. These reasons and many more is why i vote this server 5 stars.
    zEternalTired PogChamp Server
    Ethanwentzell28 WTR is such an outstanding server, so much rp and we already reached 1,400 members! We have a great staff team who loves to help run this amazing server, i vote 5 stars.
    NeueGermania I voted 5 star because I'm the founder and why wouldn't I. But truly we've put so much into making this an outstanding server. It's exceeded my own expectations - We have a fantastic staff team who spend a lot of their own time helping run this server.

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  • Players
  • 596 dni
    Iteration 2.0 Coming soon!

    When DayZ launches it's next patch - 1.08 We will be launching our second ever iteration!

    Hopefully a large improvement on our first iteration, we will be focusing on moving from Faction PVP to survival against the infected, and other dangerous elements of the world. It will be a challenge to find premium gear, and if you do find it - keep it protected, there will be others looking for it to; and who knows what they will do to get it.

    Join the discord to make sure you're going to be there!
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